Feminine Paintings and The Style of Art We Love

Feminine paintings are one of the world’s most sought after collections if you ask any art collectors. The term feminine is universally associated with characters, roles and attributes of the female gender. Art though not necessarily being feminine or masculine, can in many ways have significant female essence.

Here you will discover how to appreciate the sort of feminine paintings that are often gone unrecognized and misunderstood. Depicting a sense of strong femininity is what many of our past and modern day ‘creatives’ have inspired through their art.

A woman is attractive, grounded and sensual when revealed in her true nature. When a woman embraces her feminine quintessence, her entire life becomes transformed. This is what creative art in feminine form can reveal – the true power of feminine energy.

An enforced sense of masculine energy is nothing matched to the ecstasy, empowerment, and graceful magnetism that are set on loose when a woman actuates her feminine essence.

While many female artists have been engaged in creating art through many decades, their work often have not been as well accepted as that of men, mostly when it as to do with feminine depiction. Even to this day women’s role in relation to art varies in it’s influence within many cultures and societies. Several art works by women have been historically laid off from the art historical list as craft or fine art.

feminine style paintings

Monroe by Sheila T.

Women artists have faced many challenges in the past because of gender preconceptions in the mainstream fine art arena. Women had often encountered hitches in learning, training, traveling and marketing their work, and acquiring recognition. Starting from the late 1960s and 70s, art historians and feminist artists generated a feminist art movement that clearly addresses the role of women in the art arena and explores the role of women in society and art history.

In the 1970s, Margaret Harrison did use playful and satirical paintings to point out the objectification women encountered in their everyday existence. At the same time and period, another artist ‘Linder’ drew on the spirit of punk and the anti-establishment legislation of Dada to produce image mosaics that toppled old-fashioned media images into disconcerting proclamations. A filmmaker by the name ‘Barbara Hammer’ utilized footage of her personal body to advocate for more open portrayals of lesbianism and sexuality, and in current day, some artists such as Cornelia Parker– are motivating and boosting spectators and art lovers to think about how romanticized images of the female body measure up alongside figures of real, living women. This is an intriguing concept and it truly connects with women all over the world.


feminine style paintings

Repelled Beauty by Rachel Keem

Women tend to be more subtle by nature when contrasted with men – due to their old-fashioned roles as mothers, or partners. For several decades – women were placed at the outer circle of artistic spheres and weren’t permitted to participate in fine art. They were not even permitted to train at art academies. They were best seen as art-patrons, or as encourages to male artists. Thanks to evolution, today, women have come a long way and completely contribute to arts in all facets of fine arts.


When we think of the modern or contemporary art movement era, few women artists come to play. These are the women who have taken the role to reawaken art in its beauty centered on feminine painting and drawing. Every art-form is a footprint of an age, within our minds, as a culture or idea. Now, in several languages where the expression “art” is seen as a subject or content, whether masculine or feminine, it is regarded as feminine. The assumption is always feminine, and additionally art itself comes from intuition and a need to fulfill such innermost demand.

Art works presented in feminine representations do not depict gender, but in reality appeals to one’s sense of splendor. Art in feminine form happens to be the most traditional idealism of beauty. With a remarkable artwork that is feminine, it goes beyond tradition and rather strikes an intense chord within the spectator. It ideally conjures a multiplicity of emotions and that which is universal to everything.


feminine style paintings

Lunette by Tanja Louise


An art work that shows feminist depiction is meant to reveal paintings creatively showcasing women’s bodies, feminine power, and soft feminine colors. It is simply the art itself that generates people’s emotional response to it. It conjures what we think about it and our understandings of what it is. A piece that is painted to represent and reveal the energy of womenfolk – in its elegance and morality has the power to inspire and uplift those who would take delivery of it in the spirit of purity and love.

An art work revealing feminine energy can also be said to be receptive, fully encouraging, open and creative. The best way to observe, understand and learn about what art stands for, in any of its form, is to watch intently, perceive and listen and then enjoy. Art in soft feminine shades can produce positive vibes and gives spectators a deeper knowledge of the impact it has on women and men alike.

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