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Growing Seed

The Growing Seed by Julie J

To healthy beginnings and progress, be inspired to start something new for yourself. This painting has shamanic properties. Serves as a good omen for those seeking inspiration to make positive changes.

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Sky City


Sky City inspired for the poets, day dreamers, writers and the quiet ones who have been known for building castles in skies yet we bring about Art in the form of literature.

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The Hunting

This piece was inspired by our original shelter, the cave. There is a hunter in all of us from the primitive ages. Created with a lot of texture and thick layers of acrylic paint. A favourite piece by many art collectors, it is currently displayed at Self Preservation cafe in Melbourne.

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Inspired by the function and workings of the brain, open your mind to new possibilities. Change starts from the mind that spreads down to the body and vibrates on every cellular level.

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The Message


We the little autistic ones, the little unusual ones, the little misfit ones, the black sheep – have a place in society because we give you a contrast of what normal and boring looks like when it’s creative and quirky 💚

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In my heart there’s the love I long to bring into this world, But the experiences I’ve had scare me from making it real. Oh how my heart really wants to heal, The pain that another one really feels. For there is no greater love than the love I really feel.

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A beautiful painting created exclusively for the Fight Cancer Foundation Melbourne. In supporting those in need, it is my duty as an artist to do my part. When you gaze into this piece you will be moved by its intensity. The heat of the Lava represents the discomfort of chemotherapy; may the warmth of this painting give us empathy

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The Universe


Inspired by science and its opposite end, our faith in spirituality, complicated theory yet simple to understand when looked at from a bigger picture. A tribute to Jackson Pollock.

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The Bleeding


Inspired by my love for vampire movies and blood which fascinates me. Also the times where my heart is bleeding for those in pain but it is my gift now to help reduce these suffering during my time on earth.

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Stormy Cloud


A beautiful piece inspired by the colorful likes of children. A 3D effect and is an artwork that has the vibrancy and exciting feel to its textures. The colours have been enhanced to its dark background and glowing effect of the melted wax and it is also a favourite amongst those who enjoy loud and bright paintings.

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