Why Giving To Charity Is Important | List of Charities

Why Giving To Charity Is Important | List of Charities

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Donating to a charitable cause close to your heart may actively support those in urgent need of help.

This could be a food bank for the poor and hungry, a charity helping refugees in crisis or an organisation rescuing animals in danger.

Giving to charity offers everyone a sense of belonging to a community, whether it is a local charity or a national organization of supporters.

You know that you’re doing things right, and what’s more every cent you donate is going towards an amazing cause.

How Monetary Donations Are Structured

Many people give a percentage of their earnings to charity out of goodwill.

This helps the organization and its paid employees, and in addition makes the donor feel useful too.

These paid employees include not only the managers but also front desk and admin staff among others.

If you donate to a not-for-profit organization (NGO), any amount made after they have paid rent, bills and salary goes back into the business.

The business model is structured and regulated to sustain its growth and expansion.

Often, when giving to charity people expect that every dollar donated should go directly to the homeless or less fortunate.

giving to charity

This is true to a certain degree, although the funds are actually distributed according to the organisation’s budget and financial needs.

It is what helps them operate and allows them to provide the legal obligation towards the groups of people or animals they are supporting.

Don’t Forget Your Due Diligence

As a donor, it is best to give and trust that the money is serving good and comes back in tenfold. A standard practice for most organisation is to also offer you a tax deductible receipt.

However, it is wise to do your due diligence when choosing to support a cause by giving to charity.

In the process of publishing this article, we researched extensively and to the best of our ability.

Below is a list of well established, new and lesser-known charities, which are all in great need of financial support, so they can better serve their people and communities.

I personally prefer micro-funding because it helps build autonomy and entrepreneurship within rural and smaller communities, allowing them to fend for themselves.

Having said this, it is your personal preference to choose from this list of goodwill organizations according to your budget and interests.

The places listed below are highly recommended by volunteers and donors.

We’ve classified 10 different categories, each one unique to its causes.

*Photos are actual and may trigger some viewers.

1. Micro-funding

Giving to charity

Kiva is an online-only micro-funding organisation.

Their focus is giving loans to people in poor communities to buy stock and supplies to help them make a living.

The beauty of this approach is that the recipients pay back the loan over time, which helps them develop integrity.

In turn, this leads to self-responsibility and a commitment to improve their lives and the lives of their community.

With this in mind, the donor can re-loan the amount or distribute it to someone else. The money expands to help them, help themselves and others. Please click here to join the team as part of our support to Kiva.


Giving to charity

Lendwithcare is the microfinance arm of CARE International.

It brings together people with an idea and people with some spare cash.

Entrepreneurs with an idea go to Lendwithcare’s local teams in order to seek approval for their new business.

If approved, the idea is shared on the Lendwithcare website, where supporters can decide which business plan they would like to back.

As the small business grows, the recipient repays the loan to CARE International, which subsequently transfers the money back to the original supporter.

“If you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. If you teach them to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.” Quote paraphrased

2. Food Supplies
Addison Road Community

Giving to charity

The Addison Road Community Organisation is one of the best charities in Australia.

This charity provides food for more than 8,000 people on a weekly basis.

It focuses on sustainability, fighting against racism and pursuing equal rights for everyone.

Also, it supports both Aboriginal and local arts and culture projects.


Giving to charity

OzHarvest educates people about the importance of managing food properly, and using it in a timely manner rather than just throwing it away.

The charity is against food waste and delivers thousands of meals to people who are in dire need of help.

In fact, they have delivered upwards of 191 million meals since their inception in 2004.

Food For Life Global

Giving to charity

Food For Life Global aims to leave no one hungry. To date, FFL has served up over 7 billion free vegan meals.

It is the world’s largest food relief organisation. Because it is the hub for 260 affiliate projects in 60 countries, it can serve up to 2 million plant-based meals daily.

The projects also help communities to start and run gardening initiatives to improve future food provision, nutrition and health.

Associated projects are based around farming and schooling.

3. Dog and Cat Rescue
Monica’s Doggie Rescue

Giving to charity

Doggie Rescue’s primary focus is finding abandoned pets a happy home where they are respected and loved.

This no-kill shelter specializes in rescuing and then re-homing abandoned cats and dogs.

You can either adopt a cat or dog directly from the charity website or support abandoned pets by purchasing the Doggie Rescue calendar.

CatRescue 901

Giving to charity

Give a rescue cat a home? I don’t mind if I do. If you’re the same, then check out CatRescue 901, a not for profit, no-kill network of volunteers including foster carers, who rescue and rehome abandoned cats.

The site has lots of advice for anyone considering adopting a rescue, as well as details on how to become a foster carer.

There is also information on what to do if you find a lost or feral cat and how to care for disabled or blind cats.

Sally’s Cat and Kitten Rescue

Giving to charity

Sally’s is a small independent cat rescue in Melbourne.

Established for 16 years, so far, the organisation has rescued over 550 cats in Altona North, Williamsburg and Newport suburbs.

In addition, for the last five years, the rescue has been working with Hobson’s Bay and Melton Councils to rehome cats in the area.

Stop Yulin

Giving to charity

Yulin is the centre for dog and cat meat, although there are angry protests from many charities and rescue organisations about this practice.

A search for the phrase “stop Yulin” will identify the organisations in your area which are working to halt the trade.

Soi Dog Foundation

Giving to charity

Soi Dog works to end the suffering of animals in Asia.

It is one of the charities attempting to end the dog meat trade, but it also offers dog and cat sponsorship and adoption services.

Soi Dog works on a holistic approach. Once rescued, animals are treated for injuries and ailments, then vaccinated and sterilised if needed.

When they are well enough, they are put up for adoption. The money raised from the adoption fees helps treat more animals in need. This circular model means that one by one, dogs and cats find a happy home.

4. Children
Mirabel Foundation

Giving to charity

At the Mirabel Foundation, supporters believe that it’s important to give kids who were abandoned or orphaned a helping hand, offering them a new start in life.

This charity helps restore kids’ self-worth and confidence. As a result, it should be easier for them to get back into society.

The Foundation’s programs are very wide-ranging, and they help children of all ages receive the right attention and assistance.

Children’s Ground

Giving to charity

Because it works with all ages, infants to Elders, CG helps entire communities to make a real and lasting change over a 25-year period.

They celebrate First Nations’ culture by recognising talent, inspiring hope, delivering excellence and creating opportunity.

Children’s Ground is an evidence-based approach, designed with First Nations leaders to achieve radical reform.

CRY India

Giving to charity

CRY stands for Child Rights and You. They offer educational and nutritional help to children across the continent, plus ensuring their safety.

The charity’s vision is to help children be happy, healthy and creative, and for them to be treated with dignity and justice in a safe environment.

They’ve been helping youngsters for over four decades, working at a grassroots level to make changes in children’s lives.

Plan Australia

Giving to charity

Plan Australia is currently focused on helping the people of Tonga after the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami, but generally supports girls’ equality.

Their motto is ‘We have a dream. She has a plan.’

The charity offers options to sponsor a child, create change for girls or give a gift of hope.

It is presently co-ordinating a number of appeals, including several to help communities come back from their recent natural disasters.

It also runs ongoing campaigns to assist girls to find a safe future, and to end period stigma.

Save the Children Australia

Giving to charity

SCF is a well-known global charity that has been helping to improve children’s lives for over a century.

The Australian branch is the country’s biggest aid and development agency.

Save the Children Australia helps children in Australia and the Pacific region by improving their access to health, education, safety and support.

In this way, it wants to give them a chance to reach their full potential.

The famous charity’s Australian arm also supports migrant and refugee children as they settle into Australian life.

In addition, it assists young people when they leave youth detention.

Unicef Australia

Giving to charity

Unicef Australia, another well known global charity, currently has teams in Tonga, Afghanistan, Yemen, Gaza, Tigray, Syria and Lebanon.

The organisation is perhaps best known for its emergency humanitarian work, although it has also been active in the pandemic too.

Within Australia, Unicef works with children who are living in poverty, suffering violence or lack access to quality education.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation

Giving to charity

Most large hospitals have a charitable foundation attached, and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation is one of the largest kids’ health charities in Australia.

The 35-year-old charity supports fundraising at two major children’s hospitals as well as funding specialist care and paediatric research.

If you would like your donation to benefit a specific cause, area or service, you can indicate your preference when donating, choose to organise your own event or volunteer to help out with fundraising for that service.

5. Mental Health
Women’s Counselling

Giving to charity

This NGO aims to educate women and inform them how to get past any challenges in life.

The charity has group programs focused on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills, art therapy and domestic violence.

They also offer dedicated counselling and assistance to help women eliminate challenges from their life and achieve the happiness they always wanted, but perhaps never thought they could find.

The United Project

Giving to charity

The United Project was established with the idea of helping employees who are dealing with mental health problems.

These issues have become more prominent in recent years, and this charity delivers early detection programs.

It helps to identify and abolish any type of mental health problems before they become too troublesome.

World Federation for Mental Health

Giving to charity

WFMH promotes the prevention of mental disorders and advocates for the correct treatment of those who suffer from poor mental health.

Supporters can choose to become a member, make a donation or be a local champion.

That entails becoming active in your local community, joining or organising local groups, as well as addressing the issue of mental health on social media.

6.Wildlife and Environment
National Park Rescue

Giving to charity

National Park Rescue aims to help African wildlife by using direct action tactics.

It funds law enforcement and attempts to stop poaching and corruption, working with local communities to teach them about the animals in their area.

Operation CK, for instance, has been able to reduce poaching indicators, support villages in the park, rebuild roads, maintain patrols and so increase animal populations.

WWF Global / Australia

Giving to charity

This well-known organisation is fighting for Aussie wildlife icons including koalas, turtles, rock-wallabies and black cockatoos.

It also brings attention to climate and food supply issues which makes it an umbrella organisation that addresses important global changes.


Giving to charity
An organisation dedicated to ending bear bile farming across Asia.

Bear bile is a traditional ingredient in Asian medicine. These days, however, there are synthetic and herbal alternatives easily available.

Animalsasia has two other main projects. Firstly, it campaigns for an end to the trade in cats and dogs for food.

Secondly, it works with zoos and safari parks to improve the lives of captive wild animals throughout the South Asian region.

Rainforest Action Network

Giving to charity

Rainforest Action Network aims to preserve the rainforest, protect the climate and uphold human rights.

The first two are intertwined, as rainforests are a vital part of keeping climate change in check.

There are many tribes and peoples living in these forests, so when the trees are felled or burned, their lives are also destroyed.

RAN highlights a couple of other ways supporters can take action apart from donating funds.

It has petitions and lobbying opportunities outlined on the site if writing emails and sharing links is more to your taste.

7.Spiritual Ministries
African Enterprise Australia

Giving to charity

AE is a Christian Ministry that has been ministering to African countries for 60 years with the aim of bringing peace, reconciliation and hope.

The easiest way to become involved with AE is by downloading their quarterly prayer diary which focuses on a different country each month.

The charity has an extensive partner program and also offers a choice of volunteering opportunities for supporters.

Tzu Chi Australia

Giving to charity

Tzu Chi is a Buddhist compassion relief organisation, presently celebrating its 30th anniversary.

It works with local communities offering a variety of care and wellness packages to enhance everyone’s life and learning.

From health to the environment, education and social care, Tzu Chi has helped many people in some way or other in the last 30 years.

MATW Project

Giving to charity

Muslims Around The World is active in Yemen, Lebanon and Palestine.

It also operates an orphan support program worldwide as well as a number of specialist programs focussing on particular campaigns.

Zakat can be given at any time of the year, and is always gratefully received.

The site even has a special zakat calculator and information on offering Aqeeqah, Walimah & Nidr at appropriate times.

Newtown Mission

Giving to charity

Newtown Mission, in Sydney, is a community of Christians who work with vulnerable people to give them safety.

Their chapel has a stunning ceiling with colourful artwork showing the Book of Revelation, and, where possible, they welcome groups to look around.

For now, it may be better simply to participate in their regular Thursday and Sunday gatherings, which are currently held online.

The Jordan Cafe is their soup kitchen and support project.

It currently offers takeaway meals only. However, when conditions allow, volunteers also provide a range of activities. They also offer assistance to anyone who needs to access medical or legal services.

Seva Mandir

Giving to charity

A Hindu charity based in Rajasthan, India, Seva Mandir’s goal is to improve the quality of life for villagers in rural areas of Udaipur and Rajsamand.

Their projects include

  • improving access to education
  • preventing malnutrition
  • empowering women to be financially secure
  • and assisting small farmers.

Supporting this charity shows dana and sewa. In addition, it demonstrates a commitment to the faith and ahimsa by caring for both people and the environment.

Khalsa Aid

Giving to charity

In common with many faiths, Sikhs often volunteer to help the needy. Indeed, in some areas, members run soup kitchens, providing communal meals to those in need.

To a Sikh, the whole human race is recognised as one. In short, whoever needs help will receive it.

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO that provides humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world.

The founder saw the plight of the Kosovans in 1999 and therefore decided to step in to help.

Subsequently, the organisation has provided assistance both to migrants in the Mediterranean and also the Rohingya in Bangladesh.

In addition, it has responded to the devastation caused by natural disasters in England, Australia, Nepal and the Caribbean.

The Gideons

Giving to charity

Perhaps best known because of their campaign to put Bibles in hotel rooms, the Gideons International operate with people called to a career in Christian ministry.

The Gideons hope their carefully placed copies of the Scriptures will calm and reassure readers.

Members share personal testimony with front line emergency and medical staff, prisoners, and the military, among other groups.

They also visit schools, firstly speaking to pupils in the fifth grade and above, then leaving copies of the New Testament for them.

8.Medical Support

Fred Hollows Foundation

Giving to charity

Fred Hollows was a New Zealand-born ophthalmologist who dedicated his professional life to eradicating avoidable blindness.

This is when a treatable condition such as cataracts lead to someone losing their sight because they did not have access to medical treatment.

The Foundation not only treats these people but also trains doctors, nurses and health care workers to recognise, diagnose, refer and treat eye problems.

In Australia, it has a particular focus on assisting Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander populations to access screening and treatment programs, due to their increased risk of blindness.

Alzheimer’s Disease International

Giving to charity

ADI raises the profile of dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers worldwide as well as encouraging research into prevention and innovations in care for those with the disease.

The organisation hosts World Alzheimer’s month every September and issues regular reports on different aspects of dementia.

Supporters can donate, fundraise or leave a gift in their will to help provide information and pay for further research.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Giving to charity

MSF, or Doctors without Borders in English, is an organisation whose medically trained volunteers respond to humanitarian crises worldwide.

They are currently active in more than 70 countries.

MSF provides many different medical and healthcare services.

Their volunteers offer mental health services to asylum seekers, treat burn injuries in war zones, provide primary and secondary healthcare and improve access to screening and treatment for endemic diseases.

9.Men In Need
Matthew Talbot Hostel

Giving to charity

The Matthew Talbot Hostel in Sydney, Australia is a homeless shelter and support service run by Vinnies, the St Vincent de Paul Society.

The Hostel and support service is open to men over the age of 21.

In fact, the latest figures suggest over 35,000 men use the support service annually.

The Hostel has 98 beds. The support service comprises a primary care medical clinic, chapel, pastoral care, counselling and other basic facilities.

The Station

Giving to charity

The Station in Erskine Street, Sydney is a drop-in centre that provides welfare services for homeless and unemployed people over 21.

There is a wide range of services available including free meals, showers, laundry facilities, food vouchers, mental health counselling, drug and addiction support.

10.Multipurpose Charities
Lentil As Anything

Giving to charity

This is both a restaurant and an organization focused on social fairness, respect and appreciating the value of human beings.

This organization believes in the idea of giving equal opportunities to people, helping others and offering them the chances they deserve at all times.

It has a multitude of projects, ranging from food recovery to training programs.

There is even an edible garden project and a catering service.

WaterAid Australia

Giving to charity

WaterAid generally helps not only with the provision of water, but also sanitation, hygiene, and issues caused by social exclusion and lack of gender equality.

All of these things are intertwined, and when one is addressed, often other problems are also alleviated.

The first step comes from building awareness and understanding, usually achieved through workshops and training.

Encouraging local involvement then means people learn how best to help themselves.

Be Kind Sydney

Giving to charity

This initiative exists to ‘relieve poverty, suffering and misfortune of people in need in New South Wales’, to quote the website.

It supports programs designed to help vulnerable women and families reach independence and be safe.

The annual Day of Giving in 2021 raised over $332,000, which was given to local charities to provide basic needs.

These include food, shelter, safe spaces from violence, counselling of all types, education opportunities and family support.


Giving to charity

No, this is not the song. This is the organisation that inspired the song.

Founded in 1844, the YMCA was previously known as The Young Men’s Christian Association. It is one of the world’s leading youth charities, helping young people to improve themselves and their communities.

The YMCA welcomes young men and women from many different backgrounds, of all faiths or none. The YMCA movement works in four main areas:

  • health
  • environment
  • civic engagement
  • employment

There are local branches in most towns and cities. In fact, with nearly 12,000 branches worldwide, there are plenty of chances to get involved.


Giving to charity

UNFPA is the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.

Apart from championing sexual and reproductive health, it also works with young people in areas of human rights and gender equality.

In addition, it addresses population matters such as ageing, migration, urbanisation and climate change.

In common with many of the other humanitarian charities on this list, it is currently active in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Syria, Tigray and Yemen.

Sudan Relief Fund

Giving to charity

The Sudan Relief Fund does what it says on the tin. It provides humanitarian relief to the people of South Sudan.

The focus is to provide food, clean water, shelter and medical aid to the area.

Cholera, malaria and measles epidemics pose a threat to many refugees, many of whom have already fled fighting in their home states.

There are many ways to help, including supporting former child soldiers or victims of floods, providing emergency medical supplies, or simply praying for the area and its people.

The Fund for Global Human Rights

Giving to charity

The Fund supports many causes, including LGBTQ activists who are campaigning for social, economic, and political equality.

Activists work in 60 countries where homosexuality is an offence.

The charity has recently highlighted the cases of LGBTQ people in Honduras, India and Uganda.

Like Amnesty International, they also help people whose general human rights are endangered, including migrants, women and children.

Furthermore, the Fund is also active in seeking justice for those affected by climate change and environmental issues.

OutRight Action International

Giving to charity

OutRight Action International advocates for human rights on behalf of people who are LGBTIQ. It also offers assistance to anyone who is thought to be LGBTIQ.

Activists work worldwide to improve the lives of LGBTIQ people who are subject to legal discrimination, family breakdown, criminal injustice or lack of safety and security.

The Social Outfit

Giving to charity

The Social Outfit is an organisation that provides training and employment to refugees and new migrants.

The charity concentrates on fashion production, retail, design and marketing.

The end result is not only ethical fashion but also hope and future opportunities for those who might otherwise find it difficult to make their way in a new land.

Their aim is to empower, foster creativity, offer diversity, community and work better together.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Giving to charity

photo for representation purposes only

The ICRC (Red Cross or Red Crescent) has a network of national relief societies worldwide for the purpose of providing humanitarian aid to those who need it.

The ICRC is currently active in over 90 countries.

Presently, efforts are focused on helping the people of Ukraine.

National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies have their own campaigns running, although you can also donate directly to the ICRC if you would prefer.

The Ukrainian Red Cross is coordinating assistance.

Sunflower of Peace

Giving to charity

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. Sunflower of Peace is an NGO established in 2015 in order to help people affected by violence.

Sunflower of Peace operates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and an Amazon wishlist. It has many creative supporters raising money in their name.

The charity acquires and distributes first aid backpacks, medicine and medical instruments to doctors on the ground.


Giving to charity

Razom (which means ‘together’ in Ukrainian) amplifies voices from Ukraine. The website has a list of things supporters can do to help including donating to their partner charities and organisations, writing to politicians or holding events to fundraise or rally in support of the Ukrainians.

Amnesty International

Giving to charity
This well-known charity organisation focuses on protecting human and animal rights.

It offers assistance both to people whose rights have been denied and those who have been unfairly prosecuted or falsely accused.

Protecting human rights is at the core of this charity.

They have a multitude of campaigns worldwide to help and protect people wronged by the system.

Click On The Names of Each Charities and It Will take You To It’s Website

What To Do Next?

Simply choose one of the many places we have listed and give your time, money and/or donations.

An act of kindness such as this greatly enables and supports them while returning good vibes tenfold to you.

Alternatively, if you search for ‘charity near me’, there is likely to be a choice of well-established places in your local government area.

You can commit to a monthly or one-off donation or choose several different places to give to each month.

Any form of help can be of use because even a small gesture can make a huge difference in the recipients’ lives.

Plus, giving can boost your confidence levels, while empowering you to achieve great things in the long run.

Do you know a legitimate NGO that needs help? Share in the comments below and we may add them to our list.

*The summarized descriptions from each organization in this list were extracted from their individual websites.

Therefore, the information provided is original but is paraphrased where necessary.

For more detailed information please visit their website or if you’d like to be part of Kiva’s A/X Publisher team please click here.

giving to charity

We thank you for your support.

*Our articles are written in short blocks for easy reading and to overcome Doom Scrolling.

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