How to Create Good Vibes Using Feng Shui

How to Create Good Vibes Using Feng Shui

good vibes using Feng Shui

Have you ever wondered how to create good vibes using Feng Shui?

Creating good vibes simply means creating an atmosphere that makes us feel good. And our home and workplace is where it starts.

You can create and maintain a positive energy first thing when you wake up. This sets the tone for the rest of the day and helps you live well.

Good Vibes Using Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of arranging spaces to maximize the flow of positive energy is called Feng Shui.

It’s great to incorporate this practice when decorating or renovating.

As Feng Shui becomes more and more popular in the west, many interior designers are also looking at its fundamental principles.

If your home is cluttered and has poorly arranged furniture, the principles of Feng Shui say that your life will be filled with obstacles and fewer opportunities for growth.

As a result, your work, relationships, finances and health may stagnate.

By making a few small changes, you can revitalize your space and your life.

Regularly clean your house to accommodate good vibratory energy and eliminate negative vibes.

In this way, our bodies not only align with our dreams, but also our home.

A house full of good humour also brings better entertainment, meditation, cooking, work, creativity and much more.

There will be fewer disputes, misunderstandings and less chaos.

The place where you spend most of your time should be a space where you want to spend time creating beautiful things.

Fill your home with a wealth of positive energy. This can help:
• Promote creativity and inspiration
• Remove negative energy or entities
• Eliminate stagnant or obstructed energy
• Make your home feel safe
• Promote harmonious relationships
• Bring more energy to the ground and positivity to your day

Filling your home with good vibes can really help you increase your vibes and help you on your journey.

Here are some things you can do to bring in the new year with better vibes:

1. De-clutter Space For Better Chi

Having adequate space in your home brings good vibes and an easy flow of energy.

Too much clutter and mess promotes stagnant energy and can also attract negative entities. It can also make you feel less motivated.

Start by getting rid of all the things you no longer need including clearing out cabinets, closets or basements filled with things often forgotten.

A general rule is to get rid of things you have not used for 6 months to a year.

Same goes with your wardrobe;

Arrange everything in the right order by choosing a place for everything in your house.

If there is no need for junk stuff, it just ends up being piled up.

Less clutter means fewer negative feelings. You do not want your mind to be busier than it already is.

Instead, create a sense of calm in your home. Throw things out or give them away and do it often.

Good Vibes Using Feng Shui2. Add Colour Into Your Space

Taupes and other neutral colours are popular in home decorating.

To increase health and energy, paint your walls first.

Choose a warm colour that reflects light – soft yellows, soft greens – colours that convey a sense of sun and nature.

Green reveals all the colours, it is about life, vitality, growth and new vibrations.

If you can’t afford to paint, use colourful accessories – decorative throw pillows,

silk or live flowers, dark corner lighting – to ignite powerful energy changes in your home.

This is the easiest and cheapest way to do it.

3. Burn Pure Sage Sticks

Sage, whose name in Latin means “to heal”, will help clean your house of old energies.

To rid your home of shredded energy, buy (or look for) a dried sage bunch (also called a spit),

and when you are ready to start cleaning, prepare a refractory bowl and a cup of water.

Open all the doors and windows in your house and light the sage bundle.

Once it catches fire, blow it so that it burns. Keep the bowl under the smouldering sage to catch the ashes.

Go slowly through all the rooms of your house and wave the sage all over the room, especially in the corners where old energies like to hang on.

When done, douse the stick in the water to extinguish it.

Vigorously burning arrows made from sage or another cleansing herb such as lavender or sweet grass also helps cleanse the house and restore the good vibes.

The burning sage removes all the undesirable energy of the room and releases high vibrations, a good energy in its place.

After an argument or a quarrel, it’s a good idea to burn the sage to cleanse that energy and move on.

Walk across each room in your home with a burning sage bundle then move it clockwise with thoughts of cleansing and positivity.

Good Vibes Using Feng Shui

4. Clean Scent Fresh Aromas

Scent plays an important role in attracting a good mood.

The rich aroma fills the atmosphere with a soothing and pleasant fragrance that helps you reduce the stress of everyday life and stay focused.

Burning camphor is another great way to purify your home and calm your mind.

It is widely used in Hindu temples as part of their sacred practice.

You could also try sandalwood, amber and incense to bring good vibes.

Always make sure to buy natural incense, rolled by hand.

Never buy anything that smells “scented” or artificial, as it only produces chemicals and can introduce bad vibrations into the house.

Did you know if you boil cinnamon and orange peels, it keeps your home smelling welcoming for hours?

This is a good tip that open houses use for potential home buyers as it gives them a sense of feeling at home.

5. Lots of Flowers and Plants

Having fresh flowers and plants is so beautiful. Imagine waking up to them each day.

It adds a touch of colour to brighten any room, and if they are aromatic, you’ll smell them all day too.

Pretty flowers and a good mood make a welcoming house.

Try to add a lucky bamboo plant – they should attract auspicious energy chi.

Let’s throw a rubber plant into the mix, which according to a NASA study is a superior indoor plant to remove air pollutants.

Always water your plants every day – it will make them happy.

Even your outdoor landscape design can bring good luck.Good Vibes Using Feng Shui6. Salt Lamp of the Himalayas

Add a salt lamp from the Himalayas to your home.

The salt lamp emits negative ions similar to the ions that form on the beach when the waves reach the shore.

This is also similar to what happens near a waterfall or before a thunderstorm when the light leaves the air and moves the stagnant and polluted energy away.

These ions generate positive energy and make you feel more relaxed and happy.

Crystal Rock Himalayan Salt Lamps can alleviate stress, increase energy reserves and rejuvenate the individual from head to toe.

The Himalayan mountains were formed over millions of years during the continental collision.

The plate raised the seabed and trapped portions of the ancient oceans in these mountain ranges.

As these ancient oceans separated and dried up they left large deposits of brine that were buried in the Earth.

At the bottom of these were numerous pockets of ancient treasures.

Each lamp is carved by hand and is solidly mounted on a wooden base or comes in a bundle of loose rocks.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp acts as an air purifier by emitting a negative ion stream into the air that binds to positively charged dust particles, placing them on the ground and leaving the air fresh.

They also give a serene, warm glow that immediately fills any room.

7. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural oils that come from plants.

Because of their purity, they contain high energy and strong vibrations.

They are useful tools for eliminating negative energy and accommodating positive energy in any room.

You can use essential oils in your home in different ways by:

burning them in candles as you place in different rooms, spraying air around your house and adding drops of oil directly to household items.

Some types of essential oils are especially effective when you are trying to eliminate the negative energy of a room.

The most useful are sage, incense and sandalwood.

Make it a habit to give gratitude or meditate regularly to eliminate negative thinking.

Just as you regularly eliminate the clutter of your home and workplace, you should be constantly cleaning up your energy to maximize the good vibes.

This will help keep your living environment healthy so that you can live and work to your full potential.

8. Make Your Own Candles

Candles always create a delicious, warm feeling in the home and are perfect for entertaining guests.

Make sure you have different scents and smells for each mood.

These days you can even attempt to make your own candles from quality soy wax.

Unlike commercially sold paraffin candles, soy wax candles are much healthier for you.

It’s actually a lot easier than you thought to make your own d.i.y candles.

Homemade candles also make great gifts for your friends and family, each with a personal touch.How to Create Good Vibes Using Feng Shui9. Relax, Meditate and get Artistic!

Make things. Art will help you heal and balance the changes in your life.

It does not have to be a “serious” or “important” hobby.

Scribbling, painting with your fingers can restore your good vibes in short order.

Create a space in your home that radiates relaxation, which can be considered as your meditative space.

It is best to choose a room or corner filled with natural light and with windows or doors which you can open to let in fresh air.

It could become your favourite place when you feel blue.

You can practice yoga, read a book or simply meditate.

Placing some beautiful or meaningful artwork can be also good for your peace of mind and good vibes.

You can either invest in a masterpiece or paint something to express yourself.

10. Crystals and Gemstones

This is another high-hippie level that brings good vibes, but we are all ready to try something new.

The use of crystals for healing and positivity dates back to ancient times, as they were worn by the Greeks and used in Chinese medicine.

You could check out a crystal store to find the one that attracts you the most, or simply choose your birthstone.

These rocks are actually known in the spiritual world as “people of the earth” because they were sent as guardians of mother earth.

They are commonly found at the bottom of volcanoes, mountains and waterfall springs.

Many cultures have evolved which use crystals and gemstones but be aware of fake man-made stones.

The best way to find out if a crystal is genuine is to place it under a light and look at the strings inside the crystal.

If these are not visible but instead you see chunks of sand-like material, then chances are it’s a fake.

Another good way to own a crystal is to actually find one when you are not looking.

This would mean it has appeared to guide you about something.

How to Create Good Vibes Using Feng Shui

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