How To Heal Christmas Colic For An Unsettled Baby This Holiday Season

How To Heal Christmas Colic For An Unsettled Baby This Holiday Season

Christmas Colic

It’s the time where Christmas colic is bound to be the cause of your baba’s stress.  As we’re all getting into the festive spirit, decking the halls, cranking the Chrissy tunes and trying to be as jolly as possibly while barely functioning on only a couple of hours of broken sleep… not just us, no?! There’s presents to wrap, cards to write, advent calendars to open and guests to keep merry.

And there’s also your gorgeous little newborn bub, so used to having your undivided attention. Then before they know it, there’s a few more people around.

Unknown voices, unexpected cuddles… not to mention all the tinsel, flashing lights and, let’s face it, maybe ever so slightly tacky décor the house is now sporting!!

Overwhelmed & Overtired

Christmas Colic

Bubba is all a bit overwhelmed by this, not so sure what to make of it… they were enjoying their happy, content newborn bubble full of quiet, calm, lullabies and snuggles. Enter… CHRISTMAS COLIC.

Visitors and travel. These have been flagged as the two main culprits for this not so fun and really not very festive, Christmas Colic.

Christmas Colic is really a result of the over tiredness (yep, that much dreaded word), and at this time of year that’s often down to visitors and travel.


Being passed around the room from one auntie to the next is unsettling for your little mite.  They are only just adapting to their world around them (which is mostly just the smell of you mama, and your voice). This over-handling leads to over-stimulation and over-tiredness… and can lead to Christmas Colic.

Top tip: Babywear. This will avoid the temptation others cannot resist of picking up a newborn. As lovely as it is for bubba to have these cuddles and connections, just try to keep it on your terms. So long as you are happy mama.


They’re being dragged from house to house, from one mince pie to the next (and don’t forget the winos too!). They’re napping on the go, or missing naps altogether. Their “routine” has all been messed up (I mean routine in the sense of what they are used to, not that they always nap on cue at 2pm… ‘coz we all know that just ain’t gona happen mum!!).

Top tip: Most travel is unavoidable, unless you ask the relies over to your place (which we all know has it’s own pros and cons!!). Just take your time, and plenty of it! Allow for stops, feeds and nappy changes. If bub does have a usual rest time, try to time journeys to let them get that much needed down time. Enjoy a bit of a slow life. Slow down, and enjoy the ride 🙂

christmas colic

Unsettled Baby? Could It Be Christmas Colic?

Sensory Overload

Sensory overload is real. Even we feel it at this time of year! But for baby, their whole existence has been spent in the dark, calm comfort of the womb . Only to emerge to a world of strange noises, sights, feelings and experiences.

Even the feeling of hunger for them is new, let alone the all the faces, objects and sounds. Add in the flashing lights, music and merriment of Christmas and that really is a whole lot of sensory stimulation!

Top tip: Let them get to know you from the outside. Bubs has spent nine months getting to your rhythm and voice from the inside. You are all they know. Getting to know just you, in the real world is really all the interaction and sensory stimulation they need. You are all they need mama.

Mulled Wine & Mince Pies

Adding to the disruption of routine, new faces, and new places, often comes a change in mamas diet. Enjoying a few more wines, extra chocolate and sweet treats, as well as all the cheese.

Perfectly fine (and needed!), but breastfeeding mums may notice bub being a little more unsettled with all (delicious!) festive foods. Their gut is still immature and they may not be able to process the rich foods quite as well as your usual fare.

Just know that after the festive season, life will return to normal again. Routine will come back. Bub will settle once more.

They may not be sensitive to all the changes and all the fuss, they may even revel in it!! But if they are, just take some time for the two of you. Enjoy the merriment, just along with some extra cuddles and quiet time too. Survive the silly season, then treat yourselves to some gorgeous pamper products to help relax and reconnect.

christmas colic

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