How to Improve Sleep Cycle and Reduce Exhaustion with Bioelectric Massage

bioelectric massage

Women generally worry about sleep disorders due to its negative effects on the skin and increased irritability throughout the day.

Often times it can lead to poor decision making at work and at home causing us to stress unnecessarily.

We have recently discovered that Bioelectric Massage is one of the effective treatments that can support you to rest better.

There are plenty of ways to maintain your sleep cycle and improve rest, but Bioelectric Massage is the most beneficial.

This unique massage regulates your hormone and melatonin levels so that situations like sleepiness, restlessness, insomnia, and sleep deprivation become decreased.

Here, we are going to talk about some of the positive effects of Bioelectric Massage.

Bioelectric Massage in Sydney

Positive Effects of Bioelectric Massage
1) Bioelectric Massage & Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is incredibly essential for proper rest, even though experts are yet to explain its correlation to unconsciousness.

In the past, when medications were used to prevent the formation of serotonin, this subject was unhealthy to test through any means.

Neurons in the cerebellum region utilizes serotonin to interact with one another, so scientist expect that serotonin makes the cerebrum to impact the body one way or the other.

It can be increased with back rubs as it may readily elevate amounts of serotonin.

2) Bioelectric Massage & Vaginal Nerve Endings

According to serotonin-melatonin contact, Bioelectric Massage when working along the thigh and reflexology points on the hands and feet may invigorate the vaginal nerve which is the main focus nerve in the body.

“We Do Not directly touch the vaginal area however there are lymph nodes along the inner thigh that produce the result effectively”. 

This vaginal nerve works by getting your whole body to unwind, including reducing the body’s pulse, unwinding of facial muscles as well as lower the body’s circulatory strain.

Bioelectric Massage in Sydney

Besides, the vaginal nerve gives rise to lower cortisol levels; Cortisol being the primary stress hormone in the body.

In this region, when the body’s cortisol level is incredibly high and we feel the weight; it may lead to weariness after some rest.

In any condition, if cortisol levels are not reduced, your body may not rest properly. Animating the vaginal nerve decreases cortisol levels and offers your body the rest it deserves.

3) Bioelectric Massage and Sleep Disorder

There is scientific evidence that suggests that sleep deprivation is associated with extreme excitement.

This is one of the reasons why you feel like it is taking a lot of work for you to be able to relax or unwind. Bioelectric Massage may help to significantly improve this type of sleeping disorder.

Common with any equipment that you want to use on your body or for your health, it is advisable to discuss with your doctor and physiotherapist for further information or guidance.

Tip: Apply water soluble Lavender essential oil under the soles of your feet before bed for a goodnight’s sleep

This is because some of these equipment could have significant side effects that can interfere with other health challenges that you may have.

To help you sleep better and break the sleep disorder naturally has suggested doing some art therapy, breathing exercises, Pilates and meditation.

This has proven to work effectively and your skin will improve its collagen production making you look fresh and radiant after a good night’s sleep!

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