Basic Interior Design for Australian Homes

Basic Interior Design for Australian Homes

Interior design is a daunting task. For most of us, it’s not like changing your outfit. It takes time and preparation, not to mention the significant costs of redesigning your entire home.

If you’re about to venture into interior design for the first time, and you’re a bit worried, don’t be. We have all of the tips you need to get the interior design ball rolling!

Staying In Style Is Your Destiny, Child

Now, obviously, you’re going to need a budget, but that’s boring. The fun part begins when you start getting your design down pat. For those about to begin, you may have some crucial questions.

Lara O’Donnell from Tailored HQ can answer one of them for you. “For many people, the most daunting part of designing or redesigning their home is that their investment will eventually look dated.

To overcome this uncertainty and approach the task with confidence, we recommend taking a deep breath and beginning with your core pieces of furniture. Choose items that are ‘classically stylish’ rather than ‘on-trend’. Trends are fickle and come and go, style is forever.

Organic and textural finishes add an extra element of luxe. Consider them investments. Good quality pieces can last a lifetime.

Take these items and begin layering with neutral textures and tones.

This creates depth and ensures a dynamic visual and spatial experience, without the space becoming chaotic.

You might be thinking that it all sounds very dull, but fear not. Once you have achieved a harmonious palette with your core investment pieces, you can then add pops of colour and pattern and inject your personality within the soft furnishings and prints.

These items can be easily and affordably changed, so that your space can evolve as fluidly as your style, ensuring that your home will always look great, long after trends are gone.” For all things interior design, follow Tailored HQ on Facebook and Instagram.


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Know What’s Cool in Interior Design

I know what you’re thinking, “you just told me to not follow trends!”, and you don’t have to, but it’s always nice to know what is on-trend, and how to incorporate it into your home.

Some of the biggest trends come in and out of style over the space of a few decades, a few years and even a few months.

Just so you can stay ahead of the curve, the team at The BlueSpace has offered their biggest interior trend predictions.

Heavy metal: Brushed metal accents are a popular modern choice for a range of kitchen styles.

Brushed copper, gold, nickel, gunmetal and of course black are all beautiful finishes for taps, sinks, door handles and accessories.

Get smart: The trend for smarter storage and layout solutions in small kitchens is on the rise.

With increased urbanisation around the country, we are seeing smaller footprint kitchens that have all the luxuries of their larger counterparts.

For more interior design trend predictions, head here. Get inspired and follow The BlueSpace on Facebook and Instagram.

The New Neutral

When it comes to creating a blank canvas home, it’s probably best to avoid stark white. It’s a harsh contrast to any furniture and finishing you put into the space, and it can get pretty unoriginal.

If you’d like to inject some colour into your room but you’re unsure of what complementary colours to go with, here are the perfect solutions for you.

“There is a new neutral in the home and a surprise candidate for rooms in the winter. If your heart lies in a neutral range of creamy white, pebbly, light brown, ivory and biscuit shades, then you know how beautiful it is. Plus the colour matches the sunny summer days.

In the dark days, but … well, they can use some help. It has to warm up some tips things a bit.

“There is a change in the use of bronze tones materials such as leather, suede and wood, bringing warmth to the interior.

The introduction of plants is an important focus today to add the earthy, organic expression.

The bold terracotta tones and soft furnishings appear in the old rose.” With these colours, you can inject vibrant colours into your room easily, whether it be with a new bedspread, pillows or even a new art piece. The options are endless!

Wild Thing, You Make Everything Groovy

If you’re feeling a bit wild, you can have some fun with your colour choices. This winter, rich colours are the biggest thing, so if you’re feeling like incorporating some greenery or jewel tones into your decor, you’re in luck.

Angela Morrison from Style Create Design has the perfect solution for those who love a bit of colour in their lives. “The latest colour trends are in keeping with winter tones and hues.

The colour pallet of rich dark teals, navy’s and petrol greens are an excellent starting point. Emerald greens are being used to complement dark wood and to give the space a touch of decadence.” For all things interior design, follow Style Create Design on Facebook and Instagram.

Get Seriously Organized for your Interior Design Project

Your backyard is a major key in interior design (sounds strange, but hear me out). As your backyard is a large space, you need to keep it all organized.
Keep any unwanted tools and equipment in a shed, so you can stop yourself from cringing every time you take a step outdoors. It really does make a difference!

When you redesign your home, it can be pretty daunting. These tips can help you go from zero to one hundred, without causing any issues later on!

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