Sema Tosya Istanbul’s Jewellery Designer Shares Her Inspiring Story

Sema Tosya

Sema Tosya

Sema Tosya is Turkey’s popular Jewellery Designer who works with semiprecious natural stones, creating bespoke custom jewellery. Based in Istanbul, with her heart in Bodrum where she spends summers looking for inspiration, she can often be found on Bodrum beach looking for pebbles which she turns into rings necklaces, bracelets always adding her signature style.

Sema’s journey started in 2010 as she began designing jewellery for herself wishing explore her creative side, she soon found that her friends were admiring her creations and wishing to purchase her unique style. Inspired by her surroundings, nature, far and wide, woodland, beaches, flora, fauna, even fabrics, luxurious silks, lace, crisp cottons, linens of the world famous Grand Bazaar, Istanbul as well as ancient and modern crafts.  For example even the accessories she uses in her designs such as the glass blown beads, needlepoint finishing touches are handmade by carefully chosen sources in Istanbul, Bodrum, and Nazarkoy / Izmir home of the evil eye bead.

We as X Plan Business Development handle the client/press enquiries for Sema’s Jewellery Designs, we have worked on the journey with Sema to present the best products to the clientele, reviewing them, using them with satisfaction sometimes recommending changes, introducing magnetic styles for ease for example.

Since being introduced to us at the end of 2015 it has been Sema’s dearest wish that her products and unique style are recognised worldwide and worn to complement any outfit day or night.  The answer to what makes her style unique when so many others are designing and selling handmade is Sema herself, the way she treats every client as if they were the one and only, the way she understands your style and works with you, down to the last bead used, always giving you choices making it easy for you to settle on the final creation together to your total satisfaction. Every product is presented gift boxed, ready for gifting with a certificate of authenticity. There are a selection of styles for all occasions, day, evening, bridal, wedding favours. Jewellery for your Life.

Every piece of jewellery is as unique as the individual and can be chosen from examples on the website.  It is important to remember that the website is an indication of styles that can be created, accessories, finishing touches used may vary.

Sema Tosya

Sema’s handmade coral chains are truly one of it’s kind

Semiprecious natural stones are used for their healing properties and beauty benefiting the client, for example :

A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.

Sema Tosya

Onyx Bracelet by Sema Tosya

Clients like to wear stacks of Sema’s Jewellery Designs and this is reflected in presentation on the website, products are available individually, in set of two or set of three.

The journey has not been easy for Sema, her wish to spread her style worldwide came at the end of 2015 but she wanted success as soon as her products appeared on the website, through lack of experience, as time went on she wanted to give up on her dearest wish, no longer wanting to spread her style worldwide, she now knows that success comes to those who wait and would advise future creatives not to give up on the dream.  A particular challenge for Sema has been the use of photography, as every creative knows it is an essential part of presentation, but it was a struggle for her, she overcame this by having the products professionally photographed.

Especially at the beginning a degree of gifting was involved, it is often the case with handmade that they are loved and admired but people tend to shy away from purchase, the designer is so passionate about their creations and it is such a labour of love that making money is often at the very back of their mind.  It is important however not to be too generous with gifting, it will lower standards for the whole industry.

Sema Tosya

Sema at Work

Handmade should be celebrated and supported at every opportunity which is why on Twitter the preferred  platform for international promotion the profile is a mixture of Sema’s Jewellery Designs and other stylish content, often handmade, sometimes even similar products as there is room for everybody in the handmade community.  There is only one Sema Tosya and her unique style is an inspiration to many.

Sema Tosya has such loyal clientele that when she posts a new creation on Instagram that she manages herself, finding photography a challenge still it makes little difference as she will soon receive a comment I want this how much is it?  A quality product sells. Instagram is used to promote the products to the domestic market. Twitter is used to promote Sema’s Jewellery Designs internationally where Sema has quite a loyal following too, but has yet to receive international recognition. All in good time, the designs having progressed, taken shape, evolved, worthy of international recognition.

Sema Tosya

Istanbul’s traditional looking pieces

Sema has a plan in place in the event of receiving orders from retailers, as well as individual orders from the website of course.

Lovingly and patiently designed and handmade for you. If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask Sema to customize your style. Bespoke orders welcome.

We hope you enjoy gifting them, wearing them as much as Sema enjoys designing them, making them for you.

To learn more about our creations please visit us here .

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