10 Ideas For The Living Room Space

10 Ideas For The Living Room Space

The living room is an important part of the house where you spend most of your time either watching your favorite series or talk about your day with the flat mates or family.

Ideally you would want to decorate to meet comfort and functionality.

If you are planning to remodel or redesign the living room then it’s best that you hire a handyman company.

For a DIY project, these awesome ideas can easily transform your space without spending too much money.

Idea#1: Change Your Layout

1.A simple change in layout can drastically change outlook of your living room.

If your lounge sofas are pushed against walls, then try floating it in the middle of the room with a stylish small coffee table in between.

2.Divide your living room space into multiple zones to give it a cozy yet intimate feel.

If there is too much space between your seats then try to arrange them in close proximity.

3.A simple change in the layout of furniture can make a huge difference in your living room.

You can even hire the best handyman services to help you move furniture or change layout.

Handyman Service Cost

Idea#2: Coffee Table

1.Even when you have changed the layout, added few frames, hung expensive chandelier in the middle of your TV lounge.

Mount the LED TV and try rearranging your coffee table.

2.Sofas, recliners and coffee tables are the most used items in any living room apart from TV of course.

3.If you want to add that finishing touch then it is advised to arrange your beautiful coffee table with vases filled with fresh flowers.

Place collectables from your vacations, favorite author books and aromatic candles to give it a magazine-worthy look.

Idea#3: Change the View

1.Change the view of your living room according to your functionality and comfort.

If you usually use it to binge watch your favorite series on Netflix then try to position your sofas, settee and couch towards TV so that everyone gets a good view.

2.If your sofa or ottoman chairs are facing towards windows or towards another sofa then change its view according to your preference.

Idea#4: Re-Hang Your Curtains or Invest In Blinds

1.If you have a small living room and want it to look spacious then inset in cool blinds.

In this way, air and light can enter in your living room making it look spacious and massive.

For better ventilation, keep your blinds open as often as possible and allow natural light in.

2.If you have a large living room and your curtain hangs below the ceiling try folding the top layers.

3.Try to place your pastel color, lightweight windows as high and as wide as possible in order to make your windows appear larger and for more natural light into the room.

This simple idea can instantly make your living room look massive and more expensive.

Idea#5: Antique

1.In order to give your living room more character, add an antique that you bought from witch shop or local vintage shop for peanuts.

2.Either place it on your coffee table or side table and make your space look more elegant and stylish.

Idea#6: Layer Your Rugs

1.Layer your beautiful expensive rugs according to your space.

If your Persian rug is too small for your living room then add a larger, antique rug underneath your coffee table to anchor the space.

2.If you have a natural rug that you bought from a local exhibition that now looks worn out and uninspiring then throw in Turkish or oriental rug to give your room a distinct character and aura.

Idea#7: Reputation of Colors

1.No doubt there is a lot of power in reputation when it comes to décor. It goes for color, shapes and furniture items.

2.If your living room has two or three dominant colors then try to repeat them in various items throughout the living room.

3.For instance, if your whole decor is in gold and white then incorporate these colors in your cushions, upholstery, curtains, lamps, and rugs.

Idea#8: Add Some Plant

1.A little greenery will turn your living room into a beautiful garden.

Whether you only have space for small low maintenance pots or large fiddle leaf fig tree,adding some greenery in your living room will change its aura and give it that finishing touch.

Idea#9: Bookcase

1.If you have a large bookcase in your living room, then it is time to change its color and to rearrange it.

Take out everything and reorganize it methodically.

2.Put away those books which you no longer read or serve any purpose.

Update your latest book collection. Fill one rack with mystery novels, another with recipe books, romantic novels and so on.

3.Finish up with small accessories like vases and decorative accents.

When you take into account handyman service cost, you can easily do this yourself.

Idea#10: Throw In Some Floor Pillows

1.Adding a couple of throw pillows will make your space look laid back and layered. It will give your living room a cozy and intimate feel.

They are also a great way to add storage for better use and functionality.

Wrap Up

By employing these easy ideas your living room will look like a piece of art.

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