Meet Our Exhibiting Guest Artist – Paul Bailey

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Meet Our Exhibiting Guest Artist – Paul Bailey

Meet Our Exhibiting Guest Artist – Paul Bailey during our opening night on Friday the 27th January in conjunction to the Chinese New Year festival 2017. He is a man with many great talents and embodies a very soothing and calming personality.

Meet Our Exhibiting Guest Artist - Paul Bailey

Multi talented artist & author of Think of an Elephant.

When did you first start painting/sculpting and how was the experience for you? “It began in my journey as a musician and author. Late starter. Professional musician in Melbourne. Then turned to environmental issues globally. Book Think of an Elephant was published globally  about uncovering a new road map and compass to support the tipping-point of consciousness and human potential far bigger than the breakthrough we had 500 years ago when Galileo upgraded us from a frightened and superstitious flat earth view of our world to a dynamic, orbital universe…In 2005 I got the idea of creating a series of sculptures that would represent the best face of modern Australia to the world”.

“My two Heritage Icon pieces have been cast s exactly that – my works are in the Office of the President of the United States, Global Trade an Finance Ministers, Opera Super Star Andrea Bocelli has been presented his, as have many other global celebrities. I am proud of the early results global”.

What are your inspiration and goals for your art – what do you convey in your art for the viewers? “One core reality and seat of all wisdom: Content and Context are seamless and continuous, one with the other. I can explain on the night. It’s a visual thing too – represented in each of the two works ….”

Do you have plans for your art in the next coming years e.g. gallery, teaching? “Very much so and this year the website is ready for a relaunch -Workshops and one Introductory Session presenting the life-changing 10-second Mega Mindset Mastery Initiative “. Simple really : )

Meet Our Exhibiting Guest Artist - Paul Bailey Meet Our Exhibiting Guest Artist - Paul Bailey

See his beautiful sculptures at the launch of our event on the 27th January at gaffa 281, Clarence St, Sydney from 6pm-8pm.

Meet Our Exhibiting Guest Artist - Paul Bailey

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