Melbourne Cup Fashion And What is Melbourne Cup Really?

melbourne cup fashion

Melbourne Cup Fashion

Behind the glitz and glamour that it is today, the cup in its original state, was first known in the 1866 Melbourne Cup, won by The Barb. Ran first in 1861, the Melbourne Cup only has a name as a cup, with awards such as a cash purse and gold watch. In 1865, the earliest formal trophy cup was presented. The 1865 trophy was traded by the winner, who reportedly found it unappealing. It was modified and given as the Flemington Hunt Club Cup.

The 1866 trophy is, thus, the oldest Melbourne Cup in the first position. In 2012, the National Museum of Australia received the 1866 cup.The Barb, seen as the earliest great Australian racehorse was raised by the ‘Father of the Australian Turf,’ ‘Honest’ John Tait.

The National Museum likewise retains the 1867 Melbourne Cup which ‘Sydney’ Tim Whiffler won and raised by Etienne de Mestre, Tait’s great rival. Other sets of highlights incorporate the 1934 Melbourne Cup which Peter Pan won, and also the core of winner racehorse Phar Lap.

Melbourne Cup History

At the time the Melbourne Cup was first to run in 1861, there were two organizing boards in Victoria monitoring horse racing, the Victorian Turf Club (1852) and also the Victorian Jockeys Club (1857). In 1861, the Melbourne Cup was started by the Victorian Turf Club to aid the achievement of Victorian Jockey Club races like the Two Thousand Guineas.


Melbourne Cup Fashion

Being a handicap race, the Melbourne Cup presented a level of thought that the club believed would draw more records and thus higher award money. The two opposing organizations scattered in 1864, before mixing to create the Victorian Racing Club that has dominated racing in Victoria and the Melbourne Cup since then.

Though the Melbourne Cup this day is popular in Australia for being operated on the first Tuesday in November, it has not always been this way. The Melbourne Cup in 1866 race was run on a Thursday, and that of 1867 was run in October. This has always been the case until 1875 when it was now run on the beginning (first) Tuesday of November.

In spite of the fact that the three-handled loving cup is nationally known as the conventional cup design, this began since 1919. Before then the cups came in a diversity of forms, with every year holding an entirely original design. Most years no trophy was awarded at all. In fact, for the first few decades of the race, it was more common for no prize to be granted.

Why is a Melbourne cup big event in Australia?

The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s primary thoroughbred horse race held annually, is one of the most famous of its kind in the world. It is held at the Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, at 3:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday every November, and this is the most important and the most eagerly-awaited Tuesday for Australians both in their home country and outside. The Melbourne Cup Day is usually a public holiday in Melbourne and for a significant portion of the rest of Australia. The saying goes that the Melbourne Cup is the race that stops the whole nation, however actually, in reality, most Australians the world over cease to follow the race. Those who are not used to heavy betting also try their hand at small wagers.

It has several other fringe attractions also. From the days of its origin, the Cup is a place where the high society of Australia makes an appearance, and they surely ensure they are recognized. Hence, every year, Flemington naturally transforms into a venue for a fascinating and spectacular fashion parade where members of the high society vie with each other in the choice of their apparels and accessories and their style and fashion.


A racewear competition for men and women is held during the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The women’s tournament is conducted as part of the distinguished MYERS Fashions on the Field that searches the whole of Australia to find the most stylishly and well-dressed women in Australia. The focus on fashion has grown so much over the years that one feels that it sometimes overshadows the importance of the race itself.

All over Australia, in all the states, there are several events organized to celebrate the Melbourne Cup in various ways. Besides race wear competitions that are held in every state to find the best-dressed men and women, the Design Award and the Millinery Award, there are small wagers, heavy betting, and sweepstakes. Outside of Melbourne, both in Australia and New Zealand, people watch the race on television and gamble through direct betting or wagers at the workplace or any other clubs or organizations. The Melbourne Cup is the most prominent betting event in New Zealand, and the races are shown live on big screens on the major tracks.


melbourne cup fashion

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Sydney has its share of events and live entertainment organized in connection with the Melbourne Cup. Races shown on giant screens and walls, track side marquees, fashion parades, indoor, garden and rooftop parties, wagers and sweepstakes are some of them. In Sydney, leading restaurants offer fantastic lunch and dining options on the Melbourne Cup Day.

The events organized around the Sydney Harbor make the best out of the beautiful views provided by the world’s most beautiful natural harbor. There are lunch, dinner and party options available around the harbor.


These events combine the advantages of the beauty of the harbor as well as the excitement of the Cup, making them the best celebrations of the Melbourne Cup around the Sydney Harbor. On the pre-Melbourne Cup Lunch Cruise offered by the Magistic Cruises, one can indulge in a great lunch and wine, or champagne in celebration of the Cup, and enjoy the views around the Sydney Harbor.

The cruise returns you ashore in time to watch the pre-race ceremonies and then the actual race, with great excitement and high spirits. Remember fashion plays a big part in this prestigious event so get dolled up!

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