Mignon Felt On Emotional Eating & Weight Loss

This is an inspiring story about a woman’s true strength and courage. Meet my friend with the loveliest French name you would have ever heard, Mignon pronounced as:


Speaking with Mignon left me feeling like there was so much we can do to bring a voice to people like her. Mignon Felt really is a hidden jewel, you never know what circumstances a person has to experience and overcome in order to become the best version of themselves. Here is an interview that could possibly change the way we as a society treat and judge people without knowing their full story.

Tell us about yourself and where you were raised, what it felt like as a child for you?

“I am a Wife, Mother, Aunt and Business owner in Texas, USA.  I was born in a small town in Texas and had a disastrous life. My mom was on a drug addict, a call girl and we lived with her pimp. It was not an ideal environment for a child and I still have flashbacks. At age 5 in kindergarten, I remember him pulling me by my pigtails and have his Doberman scare me. Shortly after that my mother disappeared, she gave me away to a family from a town not far from where we used to live”.

“Thankfully the nightmare sort of ended there when I went to live with my new great family and my adopted mom who always wanted kids took me in and showed me her love. Although my environment seemed a lot better, trusting was hard for me, and it got worse. I had this half brother who tried a few times to hurt me, and I just shut down and blocked out everyone in my life”.

“It wasn’t until I was older that gradually I learnt to let go of the past but still had issues dating and didn’t date until college. Then the one time I let my guard down I was attacked and got pregnant. I felt useless.. I gained weight so that men wouldn’t like me. I had my child and love him dearly. When I went anywhere (even dates) I would take him with me. If they didn’t like my weight and my kid.. Great! Another excuse to not date. It wasn’t until I was 30 I met a handsome guy that loved me for me.. However, after marriage he became abusive to me and my son, as I was leaving him, I found out I was pregnant. This was NOT good. He promised to change and he didn’t. So I finally had enough and left him. I was finally free”.

You have been through quite a lot and that makes you resilient and a great example for other people who have had gone through similar and maybe even worse. Now you have so much to offer and inspire others. Tell us what gives you an edge?

“What gives me an edge, is that I am genuine, honest and straight forward. I have gone through a lot in my life and I think that is relative to other people and they will see that I am not anything but who I am. What You See Is What You Get!”.

Talk about your current project, business or upcoming work. You have left the past behind and its now taking you forward and over our conversation you mention the first time someone came up to you at the coffee meetup and asked to take a selfie with you. For many of us that is pretty common and normal but it was heart warming to learn that it meant everything in the world to you because you felt insignificant for so long that it really touched your heart.

mignon felt

My coffee family meetup

“Currently I’m making my coffee business, a main priority because it has done more for me than just drinking it and losing over 30kilos. It gives me a sense of purpose and belonging to a community that value what matters most to me. It provides means to a long term sustainable income, helps me connect with like-minded people and most of all this coffee family has thought me to trust again. To trust in the goodness and kindness of people. Definitely a huge contrast and different from anything I’m used to but it is making me a better person everyday”.

“All this hasn’t meant that my life is now rosy and peachy, there are still domestic challenges I’m overcoming as a mother and a wife. Still working two jobs and my current husband isn’t in the best of health, my daughter is ill with severe asthma, and my son is trying to figure life out as a young adult. So right now, I am trying to live life to the fullest, love everyone and build my empire and legacy as these challenges are helping me find better solutions and a healthier outlook in life”.

As you are sharing all this we can feel your life’s journey like it is our own for so many of us. How are you now with people? You told me that strangers have come up to you, saying thank you for giving them hope and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When did this happen?

“I told my story on Facebook and had instantly message after message explaining to me how inspirational I was, brave and they could relate. I had someone in their early 20’s come up to me at a meeting and hug me (and I am NOT a hugger! … until now) tell me with tears in her eyes that she saw my video and feels that she can come out of her shell if I can”.

mignon felt

The Coffee that Helped Mignon Shed over 30kilos in 10 days!

What are your plans and where can people find your fabulous coffee and by the way it was the best tasting powdered coffee I have ever tasted thank you for that.

My plans are to continue doing what I’m doing and get better at it everyday. Now drinking coffee and sharing a conversation with someone is not just a social activity but knowing that it is actually helping them get healthier and have more mental clarity like it does for me is more than what I can ask for. It is now a safe and ethical way for me to help others improve their quality of life and possibly provide a sustainable income for the whole household.

Mignon’s story that has helped change and inspire so many overweight and struggling men and women who ate to keep themselves safe from harm. All with this one simple idea of drinking coffee and bringing people together has now provided an added income stream to help families just like Mignon’s with their health and financial difficulties. Sharing economy truly is a way forward for our society so let’s take a leap forward and give people like Mignon a chance to smile more. Skip buying commercial coffee on your next grocery shopping and let your coffee purchase go to individuals like these who are helping others become healthier and better.

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