When Did Mother's Day First Begin | True Stories

When Did Mother’s Day First Begin | True Stories

Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors motherhood and maternal bonds.

It is celebrated on various dates around the world, but in many countries it is typically observed on the second Sunday in May.

The origins of Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient civilizations, but the modern holiday is largely attributed to American activist Anna Jarvis, who campaigned for a day to honor mothers in the early 20th century.

Mother’s Day is commonly celebrated by giving gifts, cards, and flowers to mothers and other maternal figures, such as grandmothers and stepmothers.

Many families also have special meals or outings to celebrate the occasion.

The holiday is a way to show appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices that mothers make in raising their children and nurturing their families.

Here are a few heartwarming stories that highlight the importance of mothers and the special bond between mothers and their children.

1. A Mother’s Unconditional Love:

A young boy was diagnosed with a rare disease that left him unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair.

His mother, who was a single parent, never gave up on him.

She worked tirelessly to provide for him and ensure that he received the best medical care possible.

Despite the challenges, she always had a smile on her face and never let her son feel sorry for himself.

Her love and devotion gave the boy the strength to overcome his disability and live a fulfilling life.

2. A Mother’s Sacrifice:

During World War II, a mother and her young daughter were forced to flee their home and live in a refugee camp.

Despite the harsh living conditions, the mother worked constantly to provide for her daughter. She also ensured that her daughter received an education.

She often went without food or other necessities to ensure that her daughter had what she needed.

Her sacrifice paid off in the end when her daughter graduated from college and became a successful businesswoman.

3. A Mother’s Support:

A young man struggled with addiction for many years, causing him to lose touch with his family and friends. One day, he decided to seek help and checked himself into rehab.

His mother had been estranged from him for years. However, she visited him every day and offered him unconditional love and support.

Her presence gave him the strength to overcome his addiction and repair his relationships with his family.

4. A Mother’s Strength:

A young girl was born with a rare disease that left her blind and deaf. Her mother, who was also deaf, refused to let her daughter’s disability hold her back.

She taught her daughter how to communicate through touch and helped her navigate the world around her.

Despite the challenges, the mother never gave up and always encouraged her daughter to pursue her dreams.

Her unwavering support gave her daughter the courage to become a successful author and advocate for the disabled.

These stories demonstrate the profound impact that mothers can have on their children’s lives.

They remind us of the sacrifices that mothers make and the unconditional love and support they offer, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Our Mother’s Day Featured Guest

My name is Dianne and I live in Alice Springs with my big beautiful blended family.

I grew up in country Victoria. I moved to central Australia after I visited the area for a holiday and realised that our friends up north had stolen all the sunshine.

I’m a mum of six beautiful children (three biological children and three wonderful step sons).

My three youngest live at home (9, 11 &16) and the three oldest boys (18, 20 and 23) live interstate.

If you had told me 17 years ago that I was going to be a mother of one child, let alone six, I would have told you you were completely crazy.

Mother’s Day

You see I always said that I didn’t want to have children. I spent most of my teens and 20s struggling with depression, and the idea of being able to help anyone else navigate life was unbelievable to me.

Nevertheless at 27 I became pregnant to my childhood sweetheart.

I didn’t know what the future held but I knew from the moment that I found out that I was pregnant that I wanted nothing but the very best for my children.

My children gave me a purpose in life that I had never imagined before or knew that I wanted.

They make me laugh and sometimes cry with everything in between on a daily basis.

Motherhood, Full of Surprises

I can also guarantee that you’ve never seen or read about some of the events leading up to my Mother’s Day in any parenting book.

The most recent one was when we had to rush our 11 year old son to hospital one Sunday evening.

He had convinced himself that he’d eaten a piece of chicken wire which he had put in his mouth while he was finishing off a school project.

A trip to ED and some x-rays later, we discovered that he had in fact, not tried to build an internal fence in his tummy. He was fine. What will he do next?

Nobody knows but I’m excited for the journey regardless and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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