Office Murals Can Be Good For Your Business And Branding

office mural

Office murals are now becoming increasingly popular for many businesses and corporate buildings. The impact that office murals has these days in the workplace is often greatly misunderstood. It is generally viewed as a luxury not as a necessity but for those who fully appreciate displaying unique art in the work environment, not only do they give themselves a significant advantage over their competitors but, it also has benefits that most people are probably unaware of.

Some studies done over the years by Dr. Craig Knight who studied the psychology of working environments for 12 years at the University of Exeter, where he heads a research group called “Identity Realization” has suggested that art within the workplace has the potential for some of the  following

  • increased creativity
  • elevated productivity
  • reduced stress
  • broadened employee appreciation
  • enhanced morale.
  • Tax rebate for art under $20,000

It not only improves the environment but makes a statement about the workplace culture, some employees have stated that it increases quality of life, builds relationships and leads to networking opportunities. It leaves a lasting impression both on the employees who see it every day, and on clients who visit either once or frequently.

office murals

Brode, Director of Black Book Ink


“We have helped many clients in creating office murals that are unique statement pieces within their workspace that helps to reflect their workplace culture and values”. says Brode the founding director and lead artist of BlackbookInk the graffiti and wall mural experts. Creating murals for the workplace is a process that takes into consideration numerous aspects and we understand that sometimes a client has a specific idea on how they would like it to turn out or they are unsure but are looking for some assistance with a statement piece. 

No project has been too complex for the Blackbook Ink team, as we have worked closely with businesses and taken some small ideas and turned those ideas into feature points for them. Not only have we amazed the client and the employees but created even more clientele for the business itself and kept people coming back.

If you are a small business with a turn over under 2million a year you are eligible under the government’s budget for an immediate tax deduction for all graffiti art work except stock, such as art from a gallery up to $20,000 this is available to small business.

So If you’re lobby, office, restaurant or bar is in need of new artwork now is the perfect time to the BlackbookInk team now and receive 10% off the price and get your mural completed before the government rebate expires.

office murals



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