Modern Office Space Renovation Ideas

Modern Office Space Renovation Ideas

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If your workplace feels like it needs a face lift to revamp the energy and increase good Feng Shui, doing some simple office space renovations can make a big difference to the whole work environment.

Offices are the ultimate hub of business activity. To encourage better corporate cultures, work environments must be comfortable and inviting. But lack of fresh inspiration, resources and tight budgets may make a revamp a challenge for small business owners.

Spaces that infuse inspiring styles with functionality positively influence employee’s moods. We are a product of our environment. Therefore, dull surroundings and blank canvases won’t do anything for your team’s happiness, productivity or ingenuity.

Practical and creative-inspired designs, new layouts and fresh inspiration have the power to transform work-spaces. And it’s possible to achieve it without spending a fortune.

Don’t let your workspace kill your creative mood. Here are some renovation ideas that can help inspire improved working environments:

Invest in Wall Art

Walls are often an overlooked feature of an office space. However, when crafted with care, wall art is an amazing design opportunity creating a workspace that’s polished, distinct, textured and harmonious.

Whether you use it as a branding opportunity, or print motivating office images and designs, it can eliminate the dullness of corporate walls. Why not have your logo custom-printed on wallpaper, or get creative with business visions, monochrome geometric graphics or colourful patterns to uplift your energy at work?

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Create an Open-Plan Work Environment

Open-plan offices are edging their way into many industries.

Modern-day workspaces demand greater attention to design to allow for better communication and collaboration. Although the movement dates back to the early 1950’s, 9 out of 10 Australian offices are now using open-plan layouts.

There is some criticism that open-plan workspaces can kill work productivity, but if implemented properly you can balance openness with privacy.

To achieve this, take advantage of half partitions. These allow workers to collaborate with each other over low barriers while standing. Half partitions are an ideal way to provide privacy while still allowing for collaboration when needed.

Frosted office partitions or partitions with decorative film encourage privacy while still offering the benefits of open-plan designs. They also help to create a visually appealing work environment. Check out these tips to help make open office spaces work for you.

Utilise Lighting as Art


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Good lighting, especially plenty of natural light, is crucial for office spaces.

Where possible, make the most of the natural light you have. According to studies, higher levels of natural light increase productivity. Natural light is also important for reducing stress, minimising illnesses and cutting down on energy use.

Lighting is a functional necessity, but it can also serve as a piece of fine art. Creative light designs act as interactive sculptures and statement pieces, while still allowing for functional-task lighting.

For regular lighting, make sure the level of illumination suits the different areas and the work to be carried out. There are Australian workplace OHS standards for lighting which should be followed.

Drive Productivity with Plants

Bring in the great outdoors by incorporating live plants into your office space.

Nature has been shown to boost creativity and improve worker efficiency. Well-placed plants and living walls create a more inviting office environment and contribute to a healthier air-flow. Opt for low-maintenance, such as these gems, which thrive without much water or sunlight.

Other ways to bring nature into your workspace include images of plants and greenery, bamboo wallpaper or the use of natural materials, such as unpainted wood.

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Ditch the Whiteboard

If you’re looking for a larger, decorative touch to the classic whiteboard, the modern-day chalkboard has distinctive character.

Whiteboards are great for brainstorming and meeting sessions, but there are creative alternatives. Chalkboard spray, for example, is often used in kid’s rooms and kitchens, but what about at the office?

Take over part of the meeting room wall or employee’s desks with chalkboard spray or for a fun way to jot down notes and scribble ideas. It’s also a good way to minimise the use of sticky notes and paper wastage. Not to mention, they’re a visually inspiring addition for offices.

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Encourage Flexible Work Spaces

Offices that support multiple work environments have the potential to perform better.

Diverse spaces are key. Through work zones, different work methods are nurtured. This allows employees to have access to meeting rooms, private offices, separate workstations, break rooms and idea rooms, depending on the nature of the job.

Small offices can still create various zones by going beyond the cubicle and making use of space. Kitchen spaces, for example, can function as a large meeting room if necessary, as long as it supports flexibility and has the right furniture.

Determine if you really need a traditional reception desk, which may be taking up extra room. Flexible work spaces are effective in catering for the needs of all co-workers.

With these tips and creative inspiration, you can re-design your office space to make it more work-friendly. Let us know what ideas you’ll be implementing in the comments below.

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