How to Get Creative with Designing Your Office Space

office space design

Your office space design is a direct embodiment of your innovation and leadership in the field of business. It may seem trivial, but it forms a firm basis for the success of your brand. When clients and employees walk into an office space, it instinctively determines whether they want to stay or feel uncomfortable.

Most offices in the past had similar designs and color schemes. This became one of the leading contributors to a decline in productivity. Contemporary workplaces have stepped up and moved the line to include creativity, style, fun and a burst of color into offices.

Why a creatively designed office space is important

You may feel like you are going through all the trouble in vain. Well, it is not, because the level of creativity incorporated into your office space has the following benefits:

  1. It reflects the quality of your work
  2. It improves productivity by bettering employee moods
  3. It fosters team spirit within the work area
  4. It is a proven recipe for success
  5. It enhances client relations, and increases repeat customer rates

It is imperative that as you plan your office, you understand that the office is not just chairs, desks and a whiteboard. Therefore, improve the character and appeal of your office space by giving it a personality through the following incredible ideas:

I. Incorporate modern office furniture

Designing an outstanding office space begins with picking out the most common details about offices. This is, of course, the office desks and chairs. The style and comfort of your office furniture could determine how motivated people are to work even past normal working hours. For the executive office, a professional, contemporary and sleek office desk communicates leadership, vision, and seriousness in carrying out tasks. There are many office furniture designs available today. Depending on your preferences, choose from:

  • Glass Desks
  • White office furniture
  • Hardwood desks
II. Go color wild


office space design


The age-old trend of painting office space black, gray, white and other solid dull colors should be long forgotten by now. Colorful and expressive office spaces are in vogue. Studies show that colors can affect your mood either positively or negatively. Spending a whole day staring at a blank, dull wall can be draining and decreases productivity and the liveliness to work. Happy colors bring out the fun and passionate sides of people who motivates them to work.

Clients who walk into a colorful office feel welcomed and at ease. A creative color combination for the office can improve client relations as they tend to trust you more. It shows that you are successfully daring.


III.   Bring the outdoors indoors

office space design

Nature walks are considered therapeutic. It is the main reason why when people feel down, they take trips to interact with nature. A glimpse of the outdoors in your office space can boost the creativity of the people in it. Bringing in a natural aspect of the office design can go a long way in guaranteeing success.

Choosing an office space with a beautiful natural view can also work. If the windows look out on a garden or forest, giving the natural beauty of nature can be a very useful motivation tool.

IV. Place beautiful Art

office space design


While inspirational quotes and animal pictures are beautiful, they can be quite draining and soul-sucking to stare at all day every day. If you do not want your choice of office art to suck away the spirit of your employees and clients, it is time to be creative. The human mind is very visual and therefore what you are subjected to every day begins to affect how you think and operate. To spice up the workplace, invest in bright, office murals, brilliant and meaningful pictures and art. Do not spend all that extra cash on a painting, utilize the wall space creatively.

V. Keep the office space fresh

Unknown to many people, smells have a very significant effect on our moods. The visual parts of the office may all be in order and exciting but if there is no freshness, most people will be distracted and unable to function to their potential. According to studies conducted, it was found that different smells have different impacts. Lemon scented office space improved productivity the most followed by jasmine and lavender.

VI. Flexibility is necessary

When you are flexible, you allow room for constructive criticism and suggestions. No one can build a house alone, and it is essential to source ideas from other people. If you are stuck on what you envision for your office space, it could end up limiting you from exploring everything your office space could blossom to be.

It is not always that you get something right the first time. Designing your office space will take time. You could play around with several ideas. Your office furniture placement is crucial in fostering employee relations. If after organizing the desks you find that the design limits interactions, you can rearrange until you land the most suitable style.

VII.   Allow your office space to speak for your business

Incorporating creative ideas into your office space is not just for mere beauty and comfort. It should also be an opportunity to give a voice to your office space, let the design communicate what you do. This can be best achieved through the use of personal touches like handmade décor, a unique wall design featuring the company logo and myriads of quaint accessories.

So now that you are inspired by how creative you can get, go ahead and get busy redesigning and redecorating your office space!


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