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Welcome to A/X Publisher. We are one of the world’s best sites for inspiring creative minds in business; showcasing a variety of topics and publishing great online content marketing that you will love.

1) Here you can subscribe, contribute as a writer, or simply be part of a great community.

2) Inspire global readership and get traffic to your site with our backlinks.

3) A/X Publisher is very much a joint venture. By curating and publishing your content, you help us make the site more interesting.

Why Is Becoming a Contributor Good For You?

1) It is always good for your SEO plan to publish content on a high authority site like A/X Publisher.

2) By joining our Casual Writer or Annual Legend membership, you can place multiple backlinks (Find Out More Here).

3) Think of us as a referral site that could potentially increase your conversion rate and, if you are a blogger or writer, this will also increase your exposure and number of followers.

4) Each one of our submissions has guidelines to follow so that we can maintain a high standard.

5) We are not one of those gossip or trashy news sites, and only deliver quality with very minimal advertisement pop-ups and distractions.

6) It takes us hours of editing and co-writing to ensure that your online content marketing brings good value for both yourself and our readers.

Guest Blogging is Good Blogging

Here are some tips for becoming a contributor.

The practice of guest blogging will:

  • Develop collaboration and support between websites
  • Create a sense of community
  • Improve your SEO with backlinks
  • Increase your site’s traffic organically
  • Benefit from everyone’s network

Online Content Marketing

Tips for Finding a Host

a. Before publishing:

  • Firstly, target influential bloggers in your area of expertise
  • Secondly, look for blogs that allow for guest blogging
  • Thirdly, identify the needs of the blog audience

b. Requirements for posting on A/X Publisher:

  • Offering unique and creative content
  • Writing on relevant and interesting topics
  • Minimum 650 words of quality subject matter
  • Adopt a hard-hitting, easy-to-read style
  • Air your paragraphs, use chips
  • Use good titles starting with keywords for SEO
  • Employ keywords in the titles and body of the article
  • Insert links to your website and social media
  • Respond to user comments in a positive manner

7) Another element, often forgotten,  to take into account: guest blogging is not only for those who already have a blog and are seeking visibility for promotional purposes.

8) It is also for those who have expertise on a specific subject and wish to reach a community of readers. The host then becomes a permanent site for long term contributions.

More advantages of becoming an online content marketing contributor
Increased coverage and notoriety

9) This is apparently the reason for many bloggers: if you write on another blog, it increases your visibility and the chances that your articles will make others aware of another community, even if the reader knows that most blogs on the same theme have a large chunk of common readers.

10) The ‘notoriety’ effect will only be more beneficial if the topic on which you publish has a broad audience.

It’s good for the resume

11) When publishing a well-crafted article, it gives better credibility to your work. If you can show your expertise on a topic and engage in discussion, then you can show off your knowledge.

12) This can strengthen your online presence and therefore promote your authority or competence.

It’s good for your SEO and search engines

13) If you have a blog or any other site, whether it’s an e-commerce site or poetry, you have everything to gain from posting on other blogs.

14) The author box will increase your chances of being recognized on high PR7 sites, as it has a do-follow link.

At A/X Publisher we accept contributions from online content marketers, writers and bloggers.

15) Every time your content is published, the backlinks can be found on all major search engines and social media.

16) This will help generate increased traffic back to your website, which truly is a win-win for everyone.

17) We have a Membership Program and an SEO Plan in order to help with your online marketing strategy.

18) These cover a variety of services such as content writing, advertising space, traffic analysis, viral hits and more.

Online Content Marketing

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