Why Online Marketing Appeals to Millennials

internet marketing millennials

When you consider the increased number of online resources in recent years, there has never been a better time to enter the world for the online marketing millennials. At the same time, the lifestyle benefits that come does appeal to millennials. The convenience with working online are often the main reason as to why millennials in particular are so attracted to this unique concept. That is to say, online marketing and almost any other form of digital work is now an opportunity to escape the shackles of nine to five and find freedom in remote work and the prospect of becoming location independent.

With this in mind, we can see a shifting perspective in a sense that millennials seem less concerned with money and more interested in achieving an idyllic or meaningful lifestyle. However, this is not to say that millennials do not care about money but rather that their expectations are significantly higher and take many variables into account about a job rather than just the money.

At the same time, this change of perspective is not always viewed in such a positive light and certain figures are often quick to highlight what appear to be destructive or undesirable qualities in this recent generation or millennials.

Simon Sinek and the Superficial Millennial

When leading author and speaker Simon Sinek took to the stage at Inside IQ Quest to speak about millennials, there was little sympathy or empathy for millennials. That is to say, Sinek went on to label millennials as being unsatisfied, superficial, lazy, and even depressed. Moreover, choosing the “quitters” to portray this generation was arguably the most controversial of them all.

In many ways, we can identify and understand as to why he felt so disillusioned with the behavioral traits we now associate with millennials. After all, millennials were the first generation to adopt the internet and then just as quick to embrace smartphones along with every other aspect of technology. Although widely accepted, these devices were designed to make life easier or more convenient and subsequent studies produced evidence that the result of this movement was a very distinct change in attitudes and behavior.

Instead of traveling to the local store, people were buying online. Rather than exercising patience, millennials were demanding everything to be faster, better and more convenient. In fact, as opposed to studying books for a college thesis, students were reading the synopsis to save time and get ahead of their classmates. Of course, online marketing took advantage of this desire and continued to fuel the fire. In short, in spite of them being quite broad and generalized, there was some substance to the above accusations by Simon Sinek.

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As you may know, millennials refer to anyone born between the years 1980 and the early years of this century. If you filter through generational topics online, millennials are the focus more often than any other generation and when it comes to criticism, it would seem that Simon Sinek was one of many to tarnish them with the same brush.

In case you might be asking yourself, Simon Sinek is a motivational speaker who is best known for a TED talk which outlined the concept of “Why”. As a rule, this theory suggests that people should seek to understand why they want to do something, rather than what they want to do. Furthermore, Sinek is known for carrying out endless online marketing studies of famous leaders and organizations and using this research to compile the most common patterns and practices which seem to translate into success.

Opposing Views and Challenging a Generation

As already mentioned, the above author is not alone in his thinking about millennials but at the same time, there are plenty who oppose this contention. For example, Gary Vaynerchuck is the CEO of a world leading online marketing enterprise and possibly the most prominent motivational speaker in the world. Although “Gary Vee” is clearly an astute businessman, he places a clear emphasis on motivation when it comes to his public speaking and online audience. More specifically, Vaynerchuck is also a big believer in millennials and in spite of agreeing with Sinek on many levels, he chooses to challenge millennials to disprove the criticism.

When people say that smartphones have ruined millennials, he laughs. In fact, Vaynerchuck compares this accusation to backward parents in the 1950’s who were disgusted when Elvis Presley began shaking his hips on television. It may sound funny right now, but this was a big deal back then and a topic which took the front page of newspapers for the entire year. Although he states that young people need to expect less and work harder, he essentially believes that millennials are misunderstood, used as a scapegoat and even suppressed in a sense that they are extremely talented yet heavily civilized to the point of inaction.

internet marketing millennials

However, many famous and influential figures also agree with Gary Vaynerchuck and this is clearly evidenced in the number of major companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft who have a clear preference for employing the services of millennial candidates. Some might even agree with Vaynerchuck that this shift in perspective, attitude, and outlook is merely another step in evolution and nothing more.

Affiliate Marketing and the Future of Work Online

Also known as referral marketing, this sleek process is fast becoming the best way to make money online. Although widely practiced and adopted by major publishers in every industry, online marketing is now a specific focus for smaller businesses and individuals seeking to monetize their online content.

In short, this is what we know as passive income and one which even a fashion or sports blogger can integrate to their content. That being said, internet marketing continues to grow at an exponential rate and is now a thriving industry and solid foundation for a business model. In fact, certain universities in the United States have already begun establishing the blueprint for internet marketing courses in an attempt to cash in on the current demand from this industry.

Although Simon Sinek made some valid points, these were largely stereotypical and certainly not accurate for every person born between the years 1980 and the early 2000’s. Furthermore, there was no factual evidence to suggest that millennials were worthy of so much criticism and such accusations are reminiscent of when great changes in society presented themselves to previous generations. Conversely, the wants or beliefs we now associate with this generation are not confined to millennials and instead, this reference is better described as a mindset. In truth, internet marketing business and working online is simply a very attractive way to achieve an idyllic lifestyle.

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With this in mind, we can see why working especially in online marketing and achieving this kind of independence is so appealing. While we may associate certain characteristics with the millennial generation, they can already envisage the bright future of online marketing. Just as importantly, this emerging generation is eager and willing to earn their money and they appear to be taking what is merely the next step in human evolution.
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