Online Publicity and The Great Big Canvas We Call The Internet

Online Publicity and The Great Big Canvas We Call The Internet

online publicity

Online publicity is a now available to anyone, anywhere and as a publicist’s role evolves, so does the internet. We’re a bunch of “storytellers or messengers” in the eyes of the outside world.

Title and First Paragraph

The title and first paragraph will most likely dictate whether your reader will continue on, so you have to make it catchy and what the story following is about in two lines or less. It can be challenging sometimes, but if you hook in your reader on that title, you are golden!

Today, many feel that it’s all about the followers on their social media and to some degree they are correct. I, on the other hand, am gradually in the process of having a larger following on social media, yet I have traditionally generated enough media exposures to boost sales.

PR Plan

My PR plan typically involves ways to uncover distribution outlets, attract investors and create business mergers. All this further leads to acquisition of sales that are successfully based on direct relationships.

My forte is having a knack for remembering everyone’s passion. I’m even securing a distribution for a t-shirt campaign, “PASSION4” which ties into anything from PEACE, ART, MUSIC, COFFEE, MOTORCYCLES, DOGS and more.


An influencer can certainly boost the efforts of a publicist, however, it’s usually the catchy title or campaign as a whole that makes a product, phrase, person or business a success.

There certainly is an impact with the growing amount of influencers, when it comes down to it, even our talent agency is feeling it. Even if the talent fits the casting, they look at their followers and keep looking if it’s not to their standards in the high thousands.


One of the easiest and most obvious forms of art is our gift of friendship and relationships as each person becomes our contact in their respective areas of expertise.

Recently, we’ve aligned our very talented World’s Record holder Ashwin Kalyandurg for walking on his hands to lead off the Delray Beach 50th Anniversary of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (

Not only that, we just signed the world’s pioneer in digital art, Laurence Gartel, that I met while promoting the Palm Beach International Film Festival. It’s all about getting to know people and their passions then it all comes together like a painting on a canvas.

online publicity

Image taken from Laura Crawford’s site

Laura Crawford

It’s a wild world out there and promoting Laura Crawford Photography is one good example of the ultimate form of art.

Putting herself on the line to really capture the wild two and four legged animals that inhabit the world and have graciously made room for humans to take over.


Planning a roll out for such a magnificent table top book of over 240 pages of animals showing their beauty – we’re coming up with a colorful holiday party at Art Blend a celebrity gallery, that will have many forms of art to compliment each other and having everyone attend be as colorful as the animals in the book.

Marketing Apps

I find using some of the marketing apps helps save time in mass post blast and then also posting timely or current events at random times.

Keeping good lists in your database is essential with staying in tune with the media and in touch with the media. They sort through what’s of interest and of course there’s always that great invention, the phone, to call media.

The Giant Canvas

The internet truly is one giant Canvas – just about any creation out there – you can read about, watch and learn or connect with.

It’s an incredible platform in every single home or cell phone, and with added PR, SEO and Marketing, the word goes viral.


Using the right keywords, and embedding links are important and plugging some quotes are standard and helpful for credibility.

Getting to know your client, their messaging, likes, dislikes, goals and values then taking that along with their business model, mission, vision and brand then putting it all together in a way that a producer, blogger or journalist might find interesting.

PR Success

There’s truly an art to PR success and online publicity. Conveying the right messaging that will catch on as it will paint the internet and be there as a showpiece for the long haul.

I also very much enjoy talking about our Internships with college students who bring great value to our firm. They are committed and eager as much as we are open to their learning and hands on experience.

Not only the success stories, but when they linked in me at their new job and we stay in touch. It’s like having an extended family.

“PR is the transition of your art to others. Whatever your business, product or expertise in a field is, treat it as your art and paint the way to success” Adrienne Mazzone.

This content was co-written by Julie J founder of A/X Publisher.


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