Why You Need An Ostomy Belt Accessory

Why You Need An Ostomy Belt Accessory

Ostomy belt

Though some do not usually wear an ostomy belt, a belt to secure pouches attached to the abdomen over a surgically created orifice may help to pull the pouch in place into the stomach.

They reduce the tension, increasing the pressure of the flange against the skin. Ostomies connect an organ to another part of the body. An ileostomy, gastrostomy, or colostomy will perform this procedure.

A stoma (or opening in the abdomen) develops when someone cannot eliminate waste normally.

This hole reroutes and removes the body’s waste. As the waste exits the stoma, ostomy appliances hold it.

An ostomy belt may benefit someone with an ostomy or stoma.

Ostomy belt provides patients with many benefits, including comfort and security.

Do you still have doubts about wearing an ostomy belt? Check out these five reasons to wear one!

What is an Ostomy belt?

ostomy belt


Understanding what an ostomy belt is is important before we discuss why wearing one is beneficial.

As ostomy appliances attach to the stoma, ostomy belts support their weight. 

The belt is attached to the ostomy bag through loops and then wrapped around the person’s abdomen.

Although ostomy belts are considered accessories, they may be more important than you realize. 

1. Supports the Ostomy pouch

Ostomy pouches can weigh down stomas if they are not properly supported. As a result of the ostomy belt, this does not happen.

Those who use adhesives to help their pouches should consider switching to a flexible ostomy pouch.

Skin irritation is experienced by many patients, whether they have sensitive skin or not. A belt, however, will be even more beneficial to those with sensitive skin since the adhesives may be damaging.

Ostomy pouch belts also maintain proper sealing when used with convex skin barriers.

When wearing your ostomy belt, your stoma is unlikely to snag on anything or detach. This keeps the pouch in its proper place and steady. 

2. Provides optimal comfort 

Belts hold pouches firmly against the body. This prevents you from feeling the bag’s weight. Likewise, ostomy belts adapt to fit your body contours. 

Consequently, you can experience maximum comfort. There will be no tension in the pouch anymore.

As well as keeping the colostomy pouch from moving, it prevents it from falling out. It’s possible to lose track of having an ostomy pouch with the help of an ostomy belt!

3. Eliminates skin rashes 

Ostomy bags often cause skin rashes when they drag and rub across the skin. You’ll know just how crucial it is to prevent skin rashes caused by ostomy pouches once you’ve experienced one.

A skin rash can cause irritation and discomfort, as well as infection.

Whenever you get a rash, you normally do the following. It itches, or you scratch it. 

The most likely thing you will do if your stoma has a rash is scratch it. If you scratch your stoma constantly, you may get an infection or worsen your irritation.

By using an ostomy belt, you will be able to eliminate this risk. 

4. Prevent leaks

If it leaks around the edges, your pouch might need to wear with an ostomy belt. Your ostomy pouch may move with you in everyday activities, causing leaks.

The last thing you want is for this to happen.

Even during physical activity, the pouch should remain stable and secure. Belts are perfect for that.

You can prevent leaks by keeping the pouch snug against your body with the belt. 

5. Improves your confidence 

Your ostomy belt will certainly boost your self-esteem. Ostomy pouches and stomas can be difficult to adjust to.

It cannot be easy to adjust to having one; having one can affect a person’s confidence.

The pouch is kept secure and discrete by using an ostomy belt. Performing your normal daily activities won’t be a problem.

In addition to participating in all the normal activities you used to do before having an ostomy pouch, you can also wear your new ostomy belt.

Your ostomy pouch won’t be noticeable to most people in most settings!

6. It reduces the chances of hernia and infection.

The cause of a hernia is weak or strained muscles pressing against internal parts of the body. Stomas are bulging or lumpy behind this area.

Ostomates may be more vulnerable to this condition since their abdominal walls have separated after surgery. A stoma belt protects the stoma from damage.

What to remember when wearing an ostomy belt?

Ostomy Belt

The style of belts differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Before purchasing a belt, confirm its specifications. Here are some good practices to follow:

Check the box

Check the box of your appliance to find out where the hook will be attached. Some manufacturers, such as Hollister and ConvaTec, place the holes on the pouch’s sides at 3 and 9 o’clock.

Coloplast, for example, places it on the skin barrier. There are other ostomy systems without hook holes. 

Loop and clip

Wrap your ostomy appliance around your abdomen once you find the right hook.

After locking it, you’ll know it’s in the right position.

Make some space

If your belt is too tight, place two fingers between it and your skin to ensure it’s not too close. This will prevent other conditions like hernias from developing.

For a more comfortable fit, adjust it if it’s too tight.

Ostomy belt care

You can extend its lifespan by gently washing an ostomy belt in cold water with mild soap and hanging it to dry.

However, if you use it repeatedly, it will stretch over time. That is why replacing the belt every two to three years is necessary.

Choosing the right ostomy products is crucial to your success as an ostomate. According to your needs, they will be able to assist you.  

Your body is going to undergo a lot of changes once you receive an ostomy pouch. It might seem like your life has changed forever, but remember that it doesn’t have to.

Ostomy belts make it possible to overcome the negative aspects of having an ostomy pouch. 

People may need something different from what they currently have in their ostomy system.

If you have any reason for wanting to try an ostomy belt, reading about the benefits will be enough to convince you to do so. 

Does your pouch drag, pull, or snag on things?

Give ostomy belts a try! Do you feel uncomfortable because of the weight of your ostomy pouch? Ostomy belts can help you stop it.

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