Our Exhibiting Artist Last But Not Least Rachel Keem

Our exhibiting artist last but not least Rachel Keem

Our exhibiting artist last but not least Rachel Keem from the 27th to the 12th of February at the Chinese New Year festivals. Tell us about yourself as an artist: “From a very young age drawing was my favorite hobby up to about age 17 when it was something that I hardly had time for being a teenager. However, in the back of my mind there was always a passion for art and colours. In 2009, I made a wise decision to study fine art at uni and have not looked back since. Though it got difficult to pay for the fees, I persisted and started teaching myself to create. So from dark brooding colours gradually my intuition opened up to brighter and bolder colours”.

Rachel Keem, Canvas & Mural Artist

Our exhibiting artist last but not least Rachel Keem

Explain the creation of Repelled Beauty: “What you see at first glance would have either pleased or repulsed you and this is what makes a piece worth having. The complementing tones that Rachel remarkably put together has taken hours of careful blending and mixing. Notice the layers of distorted expression that shows her creativity coming to life on this canvas. Take with you what the artist wants you to feel and get in touch with the inner frustration that we so cleverly seek to hide”.

“And you plans for the future? “I plan on having 3 exhibition per year, one now with ArtXtedia, another in March then finally a solo show in November in the city. My wish for my art viewers, please look at my art freely and in a fun way.  I love hearing people’s own interpretation on a piece that is different from its original meaning. It is fascinating to see everyone’s different view on one piece of artwork every time”.

See this piece at https://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/art-xtedia-celebrates-chinese-new-year-2017

Our exhibiting artist last but not least Rachel Keem

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