Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 – See you there soon!

Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 - See you there soon!
Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 – See you there soon!

Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 – See you there soon! We hope to see you at our sixteen days exhibition here in Sydney, Australia.

Julie Rekha

Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 - See you there soon!

Artist, Blogger, Founder of Art Xtedia

My name is Julie Rekha and my purpose in this human experience is that of an Artist. My vision for Art Xtedia is to become a household name and a place of inspiration. We are about bringing you the best and finest of our Australian and international visual artist where we not only display beautiful art but we also convey an inspirational story behind our work.

Known for being an eccentric person there were many years of struggles and lost feelings because my art needed discovery, but now since embarking upon my artistic journey, many opportunities and pathways are presenting themselves to fulfill my mission to heal our world through Art and bring back it’s meaning in a new and fresh way.

In the process of creating Art my senses become aligned as my paintings take form from the memories that are stored deep within my subconscious and come out to reveal their stories. This creative energy is both healing and therapeutic and I have made a decision to help as many people along the way, to tap into their own creativity by helping them create, feel well and capitalize on their art and also assist art lovers with quality meaningful pieces.

My technique varies for each artwork, but at most times, whether working with acrylics, wax or oil to paint with, it is a totally a healing experience for me. This makes my original paintings a meaningful creation because they are all unique and special within each collection. I believe that you deserve to own something that is truly one of a kind and its value can be found by its exquisite style. My Art is intended to make your life beautiful. So enjoy, and be inspired by everything that Art has to offer.

Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 - See you there soon!  Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 - See you there soon!

Exhibiting artworks https://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/art-xtedia-celebrates-chinese-new-year-2017

Yves Lee

Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2 - See you there soon!

Sculptor Artist

Tell us about yourself “At age 18 ceramic drew me in and Fred Croft was my mentor. He was the one who introduced it to me. After many negotiations with my family I went to uni and did a major in Anthropology at Sydney Uni, in 2013 I decided I give art school one last shot. So I decided to apply to the SCA, if I get in then I’ll give my art career a go. If I don’t get in, then I’ll forget it once and for all, never mention it again”.


Were there any challenges you faced? “By my second year, they have decided to merge ceramics, glass and sculpture into one big area of study. I was reluctant about the merge in the beginning, however, I have to say that I has brought me down an impeccable journey. It has broaden my practice and the way I approach my work. It made me grow”.

“Doing a lot of hand building work whilst I was working with Fred Croft back when I was 18 was great, then at the SCA I picked up a lot of my skills with artist Dee Taylor-Graham.

“Truly enjoying art that is contained within a bigger picture,I believe every piece of art has life of its own and it requires room to breathe. Inspired by space, within my imagination, I like to allow the audience to enter a space that has been particularly manipulated that contains personal reflection and creates confusion. A work that contains both physical, mental and visual experience”.

“être-là (fleur) is a partial installation of the maze, être-là. The flowers are the core of the concept, because this entire idea began with one single porcelain cup with flowers on it. The fragility and simplicity of something containing a life changing story to it, self discovery”.

“These porcelain flowers are symbolised as frozen memories from last life, this life and next life. All stuck in time, real or unreal, is it important at all? Only you’d know the answer to it”.

“Concept: Fleur is a partial installation within a recent sculpture work être-là. It was built with four different installation within, including fleur, which consists a field of porcelain paper and flowers.Our story unfolds as time progresses, flower blossoms, yet frozen. Memories are in the past, past lives are in the past; everything else is frozen in the present. It is made of moments, memories and time”.

our exhibiting artist part 2 our exhibiting artist part 2

Exhibiting sculpture at Art Xtedia’s event

See you there at our Chinese New Year Exhibition!

Our Exhibiting Artists Part 2....See you there soon!


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