How to Write A Page Title For Your Contents

How to Write A Page Title For Your Contents

How to Write Page title

Surprise surprise, we have caught your attention!

Pardon the pun but that’s how you write a page title because ultimately you want an outcome.

When crafting a piece, an article or blog post, you may be writing it to share your knowledge and expert advice.

However, as a writer, it’s important that you place yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

Who Are Your Target Audience?

Let’s say you are a divorce lawyer helping people through one of the most painful periods of their life.

Naturally, people in this situation are looking to find solutions to their problems.

That’s when your expertise will be highly valued.

So you need to think about what they would be searching for rather than what you feel could be a good title.

Oftentimes we become so familiar with our stories that we forget to view them from our reader’s perspective.

And this is why search engines like Google and Yahoo have technologies that index and drive the most used phrases and keywords.

How to Research Titles for Your Contents

This is when it becomes interesting because you will discover lots of information online.

We suggest you have a plan of action that will make the most of your research.

First, you need to identify your demographic and what their needs and wants are.

Then you need to ensure that you cater to them. Once you have identified your target reader then it will be easier for you to create a title that will capture your audience’s attention.

Your title could be a simple description, although something a little awkward sounding or a bold statement could also trigger their response.

Either way, ultimately you want their attention regardless of how you think they may respond.

This is when you need to be objective and place your personal preferences aside.

As any good content marketer would tell you, you have to give the crowd what they want, not what you think they might like.

page title

What Is A Good Title?

A good title is something that speaks to your target audience and answers the questions they have.

For example, in the legal field words such as legal documents or legal papers are commonly used so you would include that in the title.

This way, not only are you providing a solution to their problem but you are showing that you have the tools they need when seeking a divorce lawyer.

In conclusion, writing a page title can be an interesting journey for a writer.

Using content marketing knowledge your piece requires more than an eye-catching title though.

You must do your research for your title and article.

Be clear with your message because the internet is saturated with information.

Our suggestion is to keep it simple and cater to the needs of the people you are serving.

Tip: Use words an average person would search for because your clients are most likely everyday people.

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