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Sema Tosya Istanbul’s Jewellery Designer Shares Her Inspiring Story

Sema Tosya

Sema Tosya is Turkey’s popular Jewellery Designer who works with semiprecious natural stones, creating bespoke custom jewellery. Based in Istanbul, with her heart in Bodrum where she spends summers looking for inspiration, she can often be found on Bodrum beach looking for pebbles which she turns into rings necklaces, bracelets always adding her signature style. Sema’s journey started in 2010 […]

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How to Choose the Right Colour Palette for Your Home

colour palette

Choosing a colour palette is both an important and very daunting part of decorating your home. Most people are not very good with pairing colours or complementing them. This can end up in some serious disasters. Choosing colours is something personal. The colours in our homes show our personality and taste. Therefore, we need to be very careful how we […]

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How to Stop Funding Child Exploitation in the Fashion Industry

Imagine that instead of going to school when you were a child, you went to work. That thought alone is probably alien to most of us, but what if this ‘work’ was labour intensive in conditions that resemble modern day slavery? Would you actively support it? The Greedy Demand for Fast Fashion Unfortunately, western society’s demand for fast fashion has created a culture within the industry […]

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