Paint My Life by Julie J Rekha - Media Press Release

Paint My Life Project Media Press Release

‘Paint My Life’  – A New Art Concept That Now Comes Directly to You

The definition of art has changed drastically over the years. What was appreciated in the past now seems outdated, stale and irrelevant to creators and consumers who are growing up in a digitally stimulating world. Oil-pastel paintings and wall murals are being replaced with live visuals and audio demonstrations – and, the more dynamic, visually engaging and experiential the work is, the better it is received.

But, in a forward-thinking, art-enthusiastic culture, where does that leave the more traditionally focused artists who are still trying to make a living on passions?

Creative Director/Project Manager, Julie J Rekha, has been among the many talented artists who have set out to bring back the appreciation for traditional art by changing the way we engage with the artists and their work.

Her latest Project, Paint My Life, aims to bring art back into our homes, events and even businesses in creative and engaging ways. So how does it work?

Up-and-coming and local artists are employed/introduced into the project to come to you and create custom signature paintings, family portraits and even graffiti on the-spot for different clients. Whether you’re looking for a new family picture to document a milestone, hosting a kick-ass party and want an equally as rocking wall feature or momento, or pronouncing your love to your new spouse at your wedding, there is a unique and creative way to document the moment forever. Step aside photo booth, there is a new ‘memory-maker’ in town!

“The artist will personally create and bring to life a piece right in front of your eyes. Not only is this a really cool concept for the recipient or occasion, but it also helps to bring scope, accreditation and exposure to artist of all genre,” Rekha says.

On a mission to combine forces with recognised and unrecognised artists both locally and internationally, Julie is keen to destigmatise the way in which art is perceived in the industry – meaning many people have lost their appreciation for art because they think it’s a disposable hobby.  But, art is the very essence of life, she says.

In addition to her Paint My Life project, Julie J Rekha, is an Australia-based abstract artist of international acclaim, due to exhibit her work in Chelsea, New York later this year. She also runs an online publication and creative content hub, A/X Publishing. The A/X or Art Xtedia brand was created to bring together all things creative and inspiring, and to help artists, creative businesses and entrepreneurs scale their reach globally, she explains.

“As an online presence and creative hub, A/X Publisher also has her online gallery where people can enjoy diverse art by local and international artists and on the homepage, read incredible content by industry experts,” Rekha says.

“What I do for people on A/X Publisher is make sure that our content and our community are regularly updated on the ongoing changes across various industries, from Art & Lifestyle, Business & Technology to Home & Garden and what better way to introduce our local Australian creative businesses this way,” Rekha says.

Building a strong online presence was a key step as she wanted to assist creatives and those with an appreciation for the arts to connect, a challenge she knows only too well from her earlier years as an artist working hard to bring her creations to people.

With the publication’s reach now grown to engage readers in the USA, Australia and Europe, A/X Publisher has sparked the interest of artists and content contributors all across the country who hope to have their work reviewed, featured or content published, reaching audiences close by and afar. Many local interior and consulting businesses have also gained an increase amount of global readers through her platform.

“I feel it’s the perfect time for ‘individuality’ and ‘self-expression’ to be nurtured and for the local Australian artists, this incredibly gives them a job opportunity through unique, live art-experiences like ‘Paint My Life’, collaboration and art-outreach like Art Xtedia facilitates, be it for professional or amateur artists,” she adds. The project has now received many expression of interest from the public and is also raising money for charities around Australia.

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