How To Protect Yourself with Pellowah Energy Healing

pellowah energy healing

During this uncertain times many people are trapped in the fear of the unknown. However, if we truly want to change things around there are alternative ways but it all starts with our mindset.

You must want for things to change in order for things to improve. Though we may actively seek ways to feel better as more and more of today’s stresses consumes us, many of us don’t realise that all healing is actually self-healing.

Did you know that although some people are prone to getting ill while some fight diseases with strong immunity, both have natural tendencies to recover naturally?

A cut on the skin heals itself, therefore it’s obvious that our bodies are in fact self-healing mechanisms.

pellowah energy healing

The Journey to Recovery starts with Self-Reflection

Have you recently broken up with someone you loved? It must be difficult to let go our emotional attachments. Do you go to a job most of your days wishing you could cope better? Have the kids taken over your identity?

Do the bills pile up, making you more and more anxious until you simply want to run away or make it magically disappear? Maybe.

These are totally natural and normal human conditioning and experiences, you are never alone.

This is why it’s crucial to not only listen to your doctor’s orders, but also listen to your body’s intuitive needs. In doing so, you may be able to regularly function at an optimal level.

Holistic Approach to Better Health

What’s new in the holistic approach to having better health today? Is it a keto diet? Is it Ayurvedic? Or is it transcendental meditation? There are plenty of variable options these days, but do they all work? Yes.

pellowah energy healing


Pellowah Energy Healing

Today we would like to introduce to you Pellowah, a name given by an Australian spiritual leader – Kachina Ma’an – in 2003.

From the guidance of the spirit via numerous dreams and visions, Kachina developed the Pellowah Technique of Healing and started guiding others in this novel modality of energy in 2004.

Pellowah promotes your capability for beneficial change: to allow you to achieve your highest goals and abilities.

The word Pellowah has an angelic meaning and is a “profound consciousness shift”. The principal reason for its challenging at this moment is to arouse humanity’s consciousness.

Despite being a divine word, the energy in Pellowah does not come from angelic spheres. It is energy from pure origins; a direct light transmission.

How Does Pellowah Work?

Different from other energy healing forms, the practitioner does not perform Pellowah. Pellowah directly originates from the individual getting the healing.

The practitioner receives the melody that allows them to begin the energy of Pellowah and hold the space for healing the recipient.

Pellowah practitioners are Not the ones healing you – we are merely facilitating your own healing with Pellowah energy that works on your individual needs.

The practitioner does not diagnose, nor do they interpret. Pellowah is simple, yet powerful and effective.

As the recipient, you may immediately feel significant changes after an episode – or the impacts may be minimal yet profound, developing over a given period.

Pellowah Energy Healing

What It Does

Pellowah joins the entire 12 DNA strands, ready for activation. It clears and rearranges all the body’s meridians, offering a feeling of well-being and connection which enables a Radical Shift in Consciousness.

Significantly, this can allow us to make decisions which bring us to higher levels in life.
Pellowah has an incredible healing impact by producing “Consciousness Change”.

Connecting12 strands of DNA ready for activation explained: Think of a house with 12 lightbulbs, all along only 2 lightbulbs were functioning. Pellowah activates the remaining 10 lightbulbs so that the entire house is now fully lid.

You will have new, increased views and more understanding of objectives or viewpoints in life.

You may also experience the following through the Healing Technique of Pellowah:
1. Promotes your capability for beneficial change.
2. Have more Control over your life.
3. New and extensive viewpoints.
4. A new lightness and sense of well-being that increases over time.
5. Develop a strong association with the originator/ the spirit.
6. Clear blocks, allowing straightforward guidance.
7. Heightened instincts.
8. Rearranging the meridians of the body.
9. Linking the 12 DNA strands.
10. Activating the linked 12 DNA strands.
11. Pacifying emotions.
12. Increased feeling of inner peace and clearness of mind.
13. Increasing internal energy and courage.
14. Prevailing over nervousness, low self-esteem, fear, and stress.

Pellowah Energy Healing

During the “Hands Off” period, spanning 45-60 minutes, clients are completely clothed.
Pellowah sessions are different for each individual because each person creates new awareness, pathways, and consciousnesses for themselves.

Every event in a session is meant for the client.

Pellowah calls you at your convenient time! We serve everyone, including people in dilemmas, a client that needs a session, or a practitioner increasing their knowledge and capacity.

What is Pellowah? It’s your call to be open to yourself through spiritual development and conscious increase! Genuinely? Let’s find out.

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Pellowah Energy Healing
Pellowah is here to awaken you and help you personally grow.

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*Don’t be discouraged by opposing views from those who are quick to form an opinion on a topic they know nothing about such as alternative therapy and spirituality. Go by what is right for you! Be open to something new we are all on our journey in this human experience.

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