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So you think you have what it takes to become a professional artist? There are several misapprehensions concerning the art niche and this blog is about discovering and clarifying your artistic journey in the field. When requesting from a person to define on what it means to be an artist, they will likely paint an image of one or more extremes. In this industry, there is no alleged central ground, no constancy, and no security as there are generally those who shine in it, and those who simply don’t.

The archetypal artist is committed, talented, and yet might be dreadfully unappreciated. Unfortunately, such artists’ projects do secure value only after their demise.

The other categories are the artists already in the limelight as celebrities. These set include the Damien Hirsts among others and they have the ability to market just anything, especially if it has some kind of personal signature artfully laid across it.

If widespread point of views is anything to go by, then the creative field can be seen as a big gamble, confronted only by the fearless, reckless individuals. However – in case you are an art oriented person – you need to be aware if such “make or break” views have anything in connection with reality.

Well as fellow artist in the field, and as far as we can observe, no, it doesn’t. With all the stereotyping that is seen in the art field, it can be hard for students to work out what to anticipate from a career in the niche.

Some Fun Facts for your knowledge:

Did you know that Claude Monet’s dad condemned his paintings and rather required him to be a grocer. And that – Pablo Picasso was considered an awful student who frequently ended up in detention. Mr. Vincent Van Gogh’s original career dream was to become a pastor! Looking at these artists – prior to them becoming renowned artists, they were after all average men with huge aspirations. It was their vision and creativity that permitted these artists to become one of the greatest of all time in their various times.


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The idea of rising up every morning and finding your way into a studio to produce your next art stroke of genius can be amazingly alluring — not to mention the reality that you get to be your own creative boss. Best of all, a livelihood as an artist lets you create amazing concepts with your own hands – which end up beautifying and enriching the world! Well said, becoming an artist is not all about paintbrushes and displays of colours. It can really be a lot of serious work!

A career as a professional artist clearly requires creativity, artistic aptitude and professionalism. However, this also requires some self-discipline, patience and persistence.

If you are considering becoming an artist, and you are not really certain whether or not it is the accurate move, you can try answering the quiz below to determine if your skills and art talents are fitting.

Do you really enjoy art with passion? Or are you confused trying to pick a career in this direction? Have you ever pondered what life would be like if you took the path of following thru with your paintbrush and launching into managing a creative business? Nicely considered, but that’s really necessary. If you would love to know where you stand in this career path, read on and make sure you take the multiple quiz below. What does Van Gogh or other notable artists have – that you don’t

Our objective here is to reassure appreciation and understanding of the art of diverse times, movements, styles and techniques and how you can become a better artist. Are you accustomed to some of the most renowned artists and artworks of all time? And do you feel that you have what it takes to truly be an art specialist? You can test your knowledge by taking the following art quiz.

Take the quiz and ponder upon your answers:

1.How well do you know about art?

a. I’m a natural I would paint 24/7 if I could

b. It’s something I like to do sometimes

c. I think I have a creative disability


2. Do you have what it takes to be an expert artist?

a. yes I am pretty established

b. no I think I am not that great

c. maybe but I could do with more practice


3. Do you ever get so passionately connected with your artwork that you lose track of time?

a. yes all the time

b. no I hardly have time even for myself

c. I tend to procrastinate scheduling a time for my art


4. Are you prepared to take risks even when there is a likelihood that you might loose sleep?

a. yes I find myself waking up to draw at 3am!

b. I do this part time and as a hobby

c. I prefer the safety of my day job


5. Can you spend huge volume of time on your own – without getting bored to death or going somewhat crazy?

a. I am my own best company

b. I need people around me

c. I am lost when I am alone for too long


6. Are you great at networking?

a. yes I am sociable and have no problems networking

b. I like people but need an ice breaker at events

c. I’m afraid others will still my idea


7. Would you love to have any of these: image framing enterprise, art gallery, photo studio, marketing/advertising firm, an art boutique or a graphic arts firm?

a. I already have one or do work in one of the mentioned. Or, I am a freelancer.

b. Oh this sounds interesting.

c. Well it really depends. And how worthwhile is the industry?


8. Do you love to build stuffs, like those connected to designing, scripting or making a creative film?

a. Whatever I do or wherever I go, it all leads to my creative art process.

b. Well I don’t do this that frequently, but building or creating stuffs is therapeutic

c. I wouldn’t say that I am – but I somewhat love to create or build stuffs/things, but am too shy to show others


9. Is art one of your preferred subjects?

a. I don’t mind it being my ONLY preferred subject!

b. Hmm, Maybe!

c. I tend to get bored looking at art for too long


If your answers were:

Mostly A – you are truly a professional artist and have what it takes!

Mostly B – maybe you do like art and would make a better curator or art enthusiast?

Mostly C – the idea of making art is interesting to you but not enough to go beyond.

Leave us a comment we would love to hear from you!



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