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professionally printing art

Professionally printing art on fabrics is more than just a design theory. It can actually be a unique way to display and enhance your brand as an artist.

The possibilities are endless. You could turn a design into a striking fashion garment, print directly onto canvas and frame your artwork yourself, or even create home décor pieces using a combination of textiles.

Contrado was born from the idea of merging artwork with textiles to embrace original designs by independent artists and designers. It allows them to share their artwork in a range of new and exciting ways.

Read on as we talk you through the process of taking a paper design to a finished piece of printed fabric, and learn how we can turn your beautiful images into breath-taking textiles.

It Begins With A Doodle

Trying to conjure up an idea of a finished concept can seem quite daunting although we recommend taking it step-by-step.

The best way to create a design for your printed fabric is firstly by letting your imagination run wild; experiment with a variety of mediums and materials to create your design.

If you’re an illustrator or a painter, consider swapping out your classic materials for something new to open up different possibilities.

Try layering up textures: maybe collage art with paint, watercolours with marker pens, spray paint with coloured pencil.

You can explore abstract possibilities, particularly if you’re a fan of colour. Alternatively, you could concentrate on recreating one motif which can be repeated on the fabric.

Flowers, animals, food and geometric shapes are usually a great place to start.

Some of the most popular artists who sell designs on our platform explore these print subjects. Why not check out artists such as Charlotte Jade, Ashley Percival, The Taste Buds and Keren Toledano for inspiration?


professionally printing art


Once you’ve finished a physical design that you’re happy with, simply photograph or scan it into your computer. Then you can play around with the final look in an editing programme.

For instance, you might want to tidy the edges of your drawings, change colours, re-size your image, or go even more abstract by trying out creative filters.

When you complete your design on the computer, you can easily turn it into beautiful fabric using our online design studio.

Make sure your designs are professionally photographed and that the image has at least 300 dpi resolution. This ensures that the quality remains high and is suitable for printing on a larger scale.

Start Designing

To get your design prepped and ready to print, upload it onto the Contrado design studio once you’ve selected your fabric.

Then choose your custom fabric dimensions and position your image on the template.

You can put the pattern into repeat if your print comprises a single motif.

. Simply select the effects repeat button so the effect appears seamlessly across the fabric.

And to be creative, maybe experiment with mirroring the pattern to create an entirely new look.

This looks particularly effective with abstract prints.

You could change the colour of your print to sepia or monochrome. Maybe you could try to rotate and rearrange the design within the template to achieve the perfect final print for your fabric?



Choosing A Fabric

Choosing a suitable fabric entirely depends on the purpose of your finished printed material.

If you want to create a garment with your printed fabric, consider the texture and how you want it to feel against the skin.

Do you want it to be structured, shiny, soft, matt?

A popular choice of fabric for wearable fashion is jersey. It is soft to the touch and flattering as a t-shirt, skirt or dress.

Contrado offers a variety of different jersey options, such as Vintage Loopback Sweat Jersey, which is a thicker jersey for sweatshirts with a creamy vintage colour tint.

Or you could opt for Quilted Jersey Stretch, which has a texture that gives your design depth.

For a more luxurious fabric, choose one of our silk options to create decadent scarves or wraps.

We even offer a Silk Impression silk alternative, in a weight of 180 gsm.

Many of our fabrics are designed to withstand the elements, so they are perfect for outdoor uses.

You could print your design on Oilcloth Matte for an outdoor Summer tablecloth (perfect for Summer parties!). For a weatherproof winter jacket, you could choose our Breathable Waterproof material.

The possibilities truly are endless.

Alternatively, Contrado offers the option to print your new design directly onto a garment or homeware which we handmake at our London site.

We print and sew every item to order in house, available for next day delivery.

Choose from over 200 products including clothing, furniture, home accessories, gadget cases, decorations, swimwear, shoes and more.

If you want to re-sell these products, you can also order brand labels or swing tags to add to your new designs.


professionally printing art


The Printing Process

To give your designs the platform they deserve to shine, we reproduce your images to the highest possible quality using a professional printing method.

With our dye sublimation process, the printing inks are directly locked into the fabrics of your material with heat and pressure. This ensures a long-lasting print that won’t scratch off or fade over time.

Every print is made using environmentally friendly inks and materials wherever possible, to reduce our carbon footprint along the way.

Best of all, everything is produced in house. If you choose to put your design on a finished garment, the piece will be printed and sewn by our skilled makers, who are all based in London, England.

Contrado Collections

Our trend-focused collections feature designs from some of our talented designers who print their designs on fabrics and ready-to-wear garments and accessories.

One of our most popular collections is currently the Craft-Inspired prints, which features collage-esque designs with expressive painterly elements and illustrative qualities.

Another favourite is the Statements collection, with dramatic designs and bold, vibrant graphics.

Elements of typography are a unique feature in some of these prints, which results in beautiful statement pieces.

Our current collections are sure to inspire you to start your journey from paper to printed fabric.

Start designing your new fabric today for the chance to be featured in Contrado’s curated print collections.

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