10 Beautiful Floor Tiles Design | Small Bedrooms

10 Beautiful Floor Tiles Design | Small Bedrooms

small bedrooms

There are different types of tile designs for your home bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, dining room and bathroom alike.

If you are on a budget and want to lay beautiful tiles for your bedroom then it is highly recommended to hire professionals for floor tiles installation in Midtown Manhattan NY at inexpensive and feasible rates.

Here are 10 tile design ideas for small bedrooms that won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

1. Marble Tiles

small bedrooms










Marble tiles tend to give an artistic and charmless aura to your bedroom. They are not only easy or maintain or lay but are also inexpensive.

Nowadays, you find endless variety of marble tiles in the market. You can easily mop, clean or sweep it.

Marble tiles are stainless and extremely long lasting.

If you want your bedroom to look elegant, royal and classy, then install marble tiles in it.

2. Geometrical Ceramic Tiles
small bedroom
Geometrical ceramic tiles are extremely suitable for small bedrooms. These tiles not only make your bedroom look spacious but also add spunk and character to it.

With this type of tiles, you don’t need any rug. They are easy to clean and stain free. They come in every color imaginable.

From bold red to flamingo pink, from emerald green to ice blue. They are extremely cost effective and durable, these geometrical tiles can also be installed in patio.

However, it is best to hire experts for patio tiles installation in your bedroom as they are experts and have proper knowledge in laying these geometrical patterns accurately.

3. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles come in different shapes and sizes and look great in any room. However, for bedroom, there is a special variety that comes in rectangular, square and 3D blocks.

These tiles have the ability to make any bedroom a piece of art. Mosaic tiles installation pattern include herringbone pattern and classic grid.

You can choose mosaic tiles for your bedroom according to its wall paint, furniture, and décor.

These tiles no doubt become the focal point of your bedroom so it is advised to select it wisely keeping in mind the shape and area of your room.

4. Mediterranean Look

Mediterranean tiles is a living breathing piece of art. These tiles enhance the beauty of your floors by manifold.

It makes your bedroom look stylish, modern and sleek. They usually come in a blue, white and teal color and have intricate designs made on them.

Adding these tiles in your bedroom gives it a special Mediterranean touch. However, you have to take extra care of these tiles by regular scrubbing and power washing to avoid grime sticking in its grout.

They are made from clay and thus are extremely strong and long bearing.

5. Vintage Wood Inspired Tiles

Vintage wood tiles are known for creating a soothing aura in your bedroom. They bring peace, calm and serenity in your personal space.

They come in endless colors, patterns, and textures. Now you can find whitewashed version of these tiles in the market.

Adding these tiles will not only make your bedroom look spacious but also bright, lively and vibrant.

Paint your bedroom walls in dark color for a stunning effect. Vintage wood tiles are extremely durable and do not wear down or fade due to heavy traffic.

6. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are not only beautiful to look at but are also less absorbent when compared to ceramic tiles and therefore are resistant to stains, allergens, and mildew.

They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and design. Apart from the bedroom, these tiles can also be installed in bathroom, pool and kitchen area.

For glass tiles installed in your bedroom, it is advised to hire professionals who are experienced and trained.

Glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain. One of the best things about glass tile is that it is slip resistant, thus making it safe to install in elderly people bedroom.

7.Hexagon Tiles

These tiles not only add color, spark and new life into your bedroom but also make it look big.

Hexagon tiles, no doubt is one of the coolest, trendiest and chic tile in the market. They create a honeycomb feature on your bedroom floor.

It comes in all shades and colors, but it is preferred that you go for lighter shades to make your bedroom look spacious.

Moreover, their surface does not easily retain grime, dust, dirt, and allergens thus making it the best choice for your bedroom.

8. Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles bring industrial and factory element in your bedroom. They look extremely modern, sleek and stylish. If you love grey color, then these tiles are your best bet.

9. Stone Inspired Porcelain Tiles

These tiles look fabulous in any bedroom due to their stone inspired effect. They are not only easy to lay but also easy to clean.

Apart from being frost resistant, it is highly resistant to scratches, moisture, and stubborn stains. Porcelain tiles are extremely cost-effective and durable.

10. Saloon Tiles

These tiles are extremely durable, beautiful and easy to install. It comes in a square and rectangular shape.

Saloon tiles come in bold colors like bright yellow, red, blue and green. Apart from stain resistant they also resist dust, dirt and other residues.

Paint your walls in neutral hues if you want to install these tiles for your bedroom. The best thing about saloon tile its color does not fade even if exposed to UV rays or scorching sunlight.

If you want to give a makeover to your bedroom and have a limited budget, then chose any above tiles that are not only cost effective but also durable, stain resistant and easy to maintain.

small bedrooms

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