How Is Smart Technology Cooling Our Homes?

How Is Smart Technology Cooling Our Homes?

smart technology

It’s hot outside. Your air-conditioner has been going ‘around the clock’ and it’s still struggling to keep up.

Even worse, you know you’ve got a hideous electricity bill looming at the end of the month. This is the typical story of an Aussie homeowner during the summer months.

But thankfully, change is on the horizon thanks to smart technology.

Now with today’s innovative cooling solutions, we’re changing the way we think about cooling our homes.

Smart ventilation systems are reducing electricity bills across the country.

Providing cleaner, healthier air and taking home comfort to another level.

The Odyssey Ventilation System is one that has been designed by and for Australians.

And it’s right up there with the latest technology.

It’s not only changing the bottom line of the electricity bill, but it’s changing our way of thinking about air-conditioning and what it can achieve.

smart technology

So, how does this system work?

The Odyssey is an air exchange system that draws hot, stale air from inside the house and replaces it with cooler outside air.

It works day and night, to draw out that stored heat from your home and creating a much more pleasant environment to live in.

On a hot day, the temperature in the roof space of your home can soar to a staggering 70°C.

When the outside temperature is hotter than that inside the house, the valve to the home is automatically shut off and the unit works to exhaust hot air from the ceiling cavity.

Preventing this hot air buildup in your roof means that your air-conditioners don’t have to work so hard to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

And the hot summer nights tossing and turning and trying to stay cool don’t have to be yours any longer!

The system works to bring that cool night air flowing through the home and expel the stored heat from the day that radiates long after the sun’s gone down.

Will this technology really save me money?

Yes.  And let’s be honest, if there’s a way to save money who doesn’t want it?

smart technology

The system is driven by electricity and wind and because it’s constantly exchanging the air in the home it means that the air-conditioners don’t have to work so hard.

Ultimately, this reduces the amount of electricity consumed and knocks a significant amount of your monthly bill.

In fact, some happy customers have reported not having to use their air-conditioners at all, on days when they would have previously!

So instead of either:

  1. sweating it out day and night to save on the power bill, or
  2. opening the electricity bill in fear and trepidation each quarter

you can breathe easy, knowing that you’re saving yourself valuable dollars, while providing a happier and healthier environment for your family.

How will it benefit my overall health?

One of the most common causes of allergies, asthma and other respiratory complaints is mould inside the house.

When we talk of mold, we don’t mean the grey stuff that appeared on that ‘too-old block of cheese’ either.

We’re talking about awful mildew that grows in the window tracks or on walls and ceilings…

Smart ventilation systems are proven to have significant health benefits.

Modern homes are tightly sealed to achieve energy efficiency which unfortunately means that they are prone to moisture buildup inside, particularly during the winter months.

A lot of moisture can accumulate in the roof space, and although you mightn’t be able to see it, it’s creating silent havoc above your head!

Moisture can lead to rotten timbers, corroded metal and stains on the ceiling plasterboard.

Not to mention throwing out mold spores for you to breath in..

smart technology

By using an air exchange system such as the Odyssey, internal moisture can be controlled by continually exhausting warm, humid air from the home and replacing it with fresh, clean air.

This helps to combat the growth of mold and mildew and also protects the home structure against damage.

Modern innovative ventilation systems are oh-so-easy to use too!

They’re fully programmable and with clear, easy to read screens, they are a busy homeowner’s delight.

As technology advances, we are changing the way we think about cooling our homes.

Instead of sweating it out in an effort to save money or relying on the air-conditioner 24/7, we are realizing that there are other, more natural ways of achieving a comfortable and healthier living environment.

Clean fresh air = happy home!

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