Staying on Top with The Right SEO Strategy

Staying on Top with The Right SEO Strategy

There’s no denying it, content marketing has evolved into a whole new industry. Gone are the days of crappy content and the occasional blog post.

If you own a website your content needs to be consistent, relevant and fresh. No one wants to read the same boring posts and

just because you might have talent when it comes to the written word, it’s not enough to keep your content at the top.

That said, there are a few things you can do to stay on top of the trends and ever-changing landscape.

Here are the sure-fire ways to make sure people actually read your content:

Write smart! Research, then write. If you want your content to be noticed, shared and liked. You need to research and KNOW your topic.

If people think you don’t know what you’re talking about they’re going to call your bluff pretty quickly.

Be specific. Know your topic. Understand the facts and state them. Be clear, concise and confident.

Importantly, be original. Be prepared to think outside the box. Rehashing someone else’s content isn’t going to get you a lot of likes or shares.

Nor is reposting old content that is outdated and quite frankly irrelevant.

It just shows you’re lazy and not very creative. And stooping to plagiarism apart from being slack is a serious offense and can land you in a legal battle.

That said, if you’re going to rehash old information, give it a fresh spin.
There’s nothing wrong with taking an old blog post and giving it some fresh perspective.

Remember, digital marketing is always changing; therefore, old information isn’t necessarily irrelevant, it just needs to be relevant.

Also, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and get people thinking, this will not only hold their attention, it will make them engage.

*Comments on your posts are great and really helpful for SEO purposes. It shows Google that you have an active community and Google likes that.

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Quality content = Improved SEO results

How does quality content = better SEO results? Well, we asked an expert in the field of SEO and Digital marketing.

With over 10 years experience in the industry James Parnwell from TheOnlineCo says “Any attempt to gain the SEO algorithm or to try and trick Google into ranking higher should definitely be left in 2017.

All your SEO efforts should be about creating great content that people like and are actively looking for when it comes to a topic.

Making sure that the code on your website is very clear to Google, including the keywords and what it is that you do.

Any backlinking opportunities should be treated as trying to get people to your website, not just “link juice”. The idea that we can somehow beat the system is dead and should be left in the past”.

Tip: “Evergreen contents are the best way to keep things current and fresh. Avoid placing the year in the title or at the beginning of the paragraph. E.g. The Best Content Topics for 2018 – this can get outdated and not be as effective in the following years” – A/X Publisher.

Use SEO strategies to rank higher on Google

James states, “Simply put, everyone is Googling everything. Think about it, the last time you needed to find a mechanic near you, you typed into Google “Mechanic in [Suburb]”

You used to use the yellow pages, but that is long gone. If you want to be found by people who are actually looking for you,

then you need to do some basic SEO so Google knows what you are all about.

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You can genuinely grow your business using SEO! It starts with getting more people to your site, then it’s getting them to call or email you,

then you get to tell them all about your wonderful business and close the sale. If I can give you one SEO tip, it is to keep your website simple.

People give you less than 10 seconds when they’re on your site. It’s such a small window to decide whether your page and services are worth staying for and looking into properly.

You can’t afford to be too complicated or communicate too many ideas. You have 10 seconds to make people understand what you do”.

Choose Keywords that work!

Keywords are a vitally important part of Search Engine Optimisation. And it’s important to know exactly which keywords you want to optimise when attempting to begin your online marketing.

The number 1 mistake business owners make when choosing keywords is they usually choose keywords that will rank higher in search engine results,

but unfortunately fit poorly into their content.

Louise Procter from TheOnlineCo says “Choosing keywords that work well within content is probably the biggest hurdle in optimising articles.

Most readers can tell the difference between thoughtful content and keyword loaded nonsense.

The keywords have to flow nicely or they just sound like garbage.”

Sure, some keywords are important, but tricky to incorporate into content. For example, an important keyword for a window company might be “windows Sydney.

Not the easiest keyword to fit smoothly into a sentence. Choosing keywords that fit easily into content isn’t always achievable.

That’s where choosing writers who are experienced in SEO optimisation is important.

Louise says, “when I’m creating an editorial calendar, I make sure the keyword I am trying to incorporate matches the topic of the article I am writing about.

This takes time but is usually achieved with a little creativity and thinking outside the box.”

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and the landscape can look different from one day to the next.

It’s critical to stay on top of the game and always be looking for fresh ideas when it comes to content and marketing.

Building an online business presence in a saturated industry can be tricky, but if you’re savvy, with a little know how you can evolve with the industry.

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Louise Procter is a Marketing Assistant and Content Developer for TheOnlineCo. She is also their resident “Mrs. Have a chat.” Louise enjoys building connections with people and combining her love of writing with her love of meeting new people.


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