Steven Fernandez is Australia’s Actor’s Coach

Tell us about yourself: We creatives are born unusual who are not destined to fit in with the normal crowd. The ways of normal are not for us. Not there is anything special about being normal:
Normality is just beige.
But we find ourselves having to navigate through a world that is built by normals …
designed for their comfort … and so quite lacking in magic or inspiration.
My story is quite the same as yours: The challenge to make a living while still
tending the delicate candle flame that is our art.
I tried doing the ‘sensible’ thing” Find a stable, easy, job that was regular and not too
demanding on my time nor too draining of my energy. I even settled for going for
part-time jobs so that I’ll have time for my passions. You have been there, yourself, I
am sure.
But the thing about normals is that they prefer their own kind. They like co-workers
whose idea of conversation is comparing notes about school holidays, home
improvement, reality shows and football. They do not want to be confronted by
anyone who is not madly running in the hamster wheel of mortgage and 2.4
To be fair, many female colleagues found me easy to talk to. They liked the fact that I
could listen and offer inspired suggestions. Funnily enough, the more plain-speaking
and honest you are, the more deeply you are trusted and respected. Several of them
remain my friends to this day.
But you can’t swallow the nine to five imprisonment forever. Not if you have the
slightest amount of integrity. So I had to escape.
I couldn’t just jump straight away, however. I had to save and invest for my
foundation. And I had to build up a pool of clients.
It wasn’t easy and it took a number of years.
But on February 2016 I was able to generate enough of my own income to tell wage
world where to go. And so I did.
I had highs and lows since then. But I never looked back.
You undoubtedly want the same thing for yourself.

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 Actor, Acting Coach, Team Leader, Instructor of Improvisation,
"Theatre Games In The Park” (2019 – present)
 Rose from obscure casual trainer to most popular treacher (as voted by
students) in 3 years (2018-20)
Nurse Training Australia (NTA), Burwood, Sydney
 Self-Employed since 2016
Workplace Trainer, Coach, Consultant
 Academic Speaker,
Paper: "Common Sense – The Problematic Touchstone"
Undergraduate Rationality Conference, Bristol University, [Sept 18 2015],
 Short-Listed Playwright,
"Making A Difference" playlet [May 17 2015, London Premier]
Blackshaw Theatre (Lambeth North, London)
 London Sabbatical (2015, 5 months)
included writing, studying, acting,
also playwright and academic speaker (above)
 Los Angeles Sabbatical (2009, 5 months)
included writing, studying,
also debating philosophy (Santa Monica College)
 Organiser, Writer, Actor, Acting Coach,
"Mono Mania” monologues, duologues and playlet nights (2008-09),
 Co-Director, Co-Writer, Crewmember,
"Defining God" & "In HIS Name" (both 2007),
2 x 1-hour documentaries concerned with the connections between science,
relgion and philosophy. Produced by Barrowban Pty Ltd.
 Actor, Acting Coach
"Acting Up @ The Agincourt” monologue nights (2005-07)
 Principal Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Crewmember,
"Only Once" film (2005),
6-minute tender teen romance,

 Co-Writer, Co-Director, Crewmember,
"The Right To Remain Silent" film (2003),
17 minute topical drama produced by Screaming Theatre Productions
 Honours Science Graduate (2000, Philosophy major)
Thesis: “The Irrationality of Relying on Common Sense and Intuition”
 Secretary/Treasurer/Chairman,
Strata Plan 8787 (body corporate, 2001-03)

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