Are You Buying Products That Are Exposed To Sun Damage?!

sun damage

From bulk purchase to small travel size, plastic bottles and other forms of packaging are an important commodity.

Some even designed as decorations and ornaments for display. That said, these products when placed under direct sunlight can actually be very harmful.

“Packaging material may catalyze oxidation reactions in photosensitive products and reduce their shelf life”. Leda Coltro; Joyce Borghetti SciLo Brazil

In some cases, it can cause severe health issues, especially when exposed to high temperatures and/or UV rays making them ineffective or toxic.

Here’s why.

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Potentially exposing them to extreme temperatures – no matter how brief – can affect the formulation and ingredients of the product.

Many of us place personal care, beauty products and edible items by the window under direct sunlight and the excessive heat is actually damaging.

Tip: Look by the pool for your sunblock lotion and bring them indoors.

What’s even more concerning is seeing businesses display products in direct sun!
sun damage

The warnings are usually written in tiny fonts at the back of the packaging- “Keep away from direct sunlight” therefore storage is important as the ingredients and formulations of the product itself.

Sunlight – fueled by UV Rays

This can feed the bacteria (on our skin) and microorganisms in the products and affect the ingredients (such as bad odor and turning rancid), reducing the efficacy.

For example, skincare ingredients such as vitamin C and Retinol should never be exposed to sunlight as they easily oxidize.

The very reason why most products with either one of these ingredients are best applied at night.

sun damage

What You Can Do

1.As a preventative measure, buy packaging stored in a cool, dry place and avoid anything laid out under burning sunlight.

Drinking water, skincare products and certain household items to name a few.

2.If a business has items displayed out in the sun, ask for the product that’s in the storage instead.

Most businesses will be happy to hand you items from the storage, cold fridge or fresh stock.

And it will become a good habit when you regularly make an effort to purchase well stored products.

This also goes with bringing them home and storing them correctly.

3.Place them inside cabinets or cover the windows with blinds when products are in use.

4.Replace plastic bottles in side the car with bottled water and same goes with bicycle drink holders; replace them with bottled water and you will have less chances of the plastic melting under extreme heat.

As an alternative choose products that have sun-sensitive ingredients packaged in opaque packaging.

Ethical Purchases

And recently, thanks to the growing number of eco-conscious buying,

companies have stepped up in the packaging by choosing plastic-based packaging that comes with UV protection.

These UV protection come in two variation –  on the surface (known as UV protective coating) and within the packaging itself (known as UV absorbers).

These ensures that no sunlight and UV rays can interfere with the efficacy of the products.

However, when in doubt the best thing to do is avoid the use of any sun sensitivity items that are heat and/or UV Ray exposed.

Purchase well packaged and stored items and keep your products correctly. Remember that prevention is far better than cure.

sun damage
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