Remedial Massage using Bioelectric
(Bioelectric Massage)
Welcome we are now offering an effective way to reduce aches and pain.

Bioelectric soothing current clears toxins & carbon dioxide that cause pain and stiffness in the joints. Tightness in the neck, shoulders, lower back and legs can be relieved using Bioelectric.

 It also Alkalises and Detoxifies the blood with the use of Alfalfa creams that help activate the blood cells. While modern medicine aims to cure, Bioelectric Massage strengthens your body’s immunity and increases stamina.

The subtle current from the Bioelectric machine runs through the hands of the therapist when performing remedial massage on your body.

It relaxes and rejuvenates from the inside out leaving you with an overall sense of well being. 

Furthermore one Bioelectric Massage is as effective as receiving 3 regular massages so it’s good on savings.

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Bioelectric Massage Treats These Conditions
Four Major Outcomes
Level 4
Pain Relief
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
We Also Treat Sciatica Pain
Bioelectric Massage
Sore or tight muscles causing you pain and discomfort? Our therapist are trained to treat all types of ailments from muscle stiffness to low energy and lethargic conditions, we can assure you that Bioelectric really works.
The principle of Bioelectric is similar to that of Acupuncture but without the fine needles! Feel the deep soothing penetration of current run through the hands of your therapist. It is definitely a great experience that puts your body back to its natural state of homeostasis.
9 Benefits and functions of Bioelectric when used with Remedial Massage technique
1) Cell activation.

Bioelectricity is capable of energizing the cells and eliminate contaminants from the body. It helps in electron transfer in the Krebs cycle, which produces ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in mitochondria.

Glycolysis and Krebs cycle (various steps of a chemical reaction) produces ATP. During the utilization of energy, ATP changes to ADP (a battery that can be charged), a chemical that Krebs cycle can recharge with energy to become ATP once again.

2) Nerve and Muscle tissue activation.

Bioelectric energy can activate the cells of nerves and tissues, with a possibility of resuscitating ailing cells.

Through this, it may assist in improving neurovascular and neuromuscular links, especially in individuals ailing from stroke and muscle atrophy.

3) Digestive system regulation.

The treatment helps with controlling the endocrine glands and systems, boosting the condition of the digestive system.

Enhanced digestion and systems that function better can improve metabolic rate and the levels of energy.

4) Anti-inflammatory role.

Clearing the meridian pathways using bioelectric energy enhances the Lymphatic Drainage System and the body’s immunity.

5) Fatigue elimination.

The application of bioelectric energy assists the pituitary glands in producing more endorphins (neurotransmitters).

The body naturally produces endorphins to manage stress or pain, and an increase in endorphin leads to a reduction of body fatigue.

6) Purification and Detoxification of the Body.

Bioelectric energy is a direct system of detoxification that promotes the movement of the body towards the balance of acid/base by influencing electrolytes,

increasing the rate of blood flow, and cleaning meridians. Specially chosen alkaline therapeutic creams and oils are applied in detoxifying the body.

7) Beauty, slimming, and fitness.

Bioelectric energy facilitates bodily electrochemical reactions. Based on the listed benefits above, the therapy is capable of improving many functions in the body.

A hemostatic body with organs and an excellently functioning system have more possibility of slowing aging, efficient burning of fats, and brilliant, healthy skin.
8) Removing the blockages in the meridians

Bioelectric charge triggers the migration of qi and blood within the body to handle any meridian pathway blockages.
Open meridian pathways boost the circulation of blood and uniform homeostasis.

9) Enhancing the circulation of blood

Bioelectric energy deeply penetrates the body system, changing the velocity of blood flow and the size of vessels.
The incitement curtails the viscosity of the blood, boosts micro-circulation, improves cell oxygenation, and removes carbon dioxide. This may help protect against cardiovascular illnesses.

Therefore, this is the time to take a bold step and visit Sydney Massage.Info for a great Bioelectric experience.


Bioelectric Really Works!

D.I.Y Treatments
You may also use our machines on a daily basis with our Gold Class packages. During a D.I.Y session we will supervise and guide you to self treat and achieve the desired result. There are over 4 levels that can be used to suit your individual needs. Further instruction will be provided during your consultation.

Book Online for flexible options and get further discounts with extended Spring Summer Deals.


Julie J Rekha has been a wellness practitioner since 2003 where she graduated from Nature Care College of Naturopathy and Life Studies in St Leonard's, Sydney, furthered her studies in Academy of Bioelectric Meridian Massage Australia (ABMMA) and also completed her Pellowah Energy Healing in Queensland.


She has been counselling and assisting people with pain management for over 17 years and incorporates all of her training during a consultation. She also has her very own platform A/X Publisher and helps many non for profit organisation with auctioning her therapeutic Art for charity.


Having an intuitive and good understanding of people's ailments, Julie is highly skilled in her profession. Speak to her about your problems and she will assist you to full recovery step by step. Ask about her life changing personalised Rehabilitation Home Retreat programs.


"I will work with you to achieve the best results"  is Julie's professional philosophy.


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