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Welcome to AX Publisher also known as Art Xtedia. We are the best guest blogging site for inspiring the creative mind in business. Showcasing a variety of beautiful art and publishing great content that you will love and value. Here you can subscribe, contribute or simply be part of a great community. Submit your creative blogs and let our subscribers and audience an opportunity to experience you.

This is very much a joint venture. By curating and publishing your content, you help us make the site more interesting. Our priority is to have you shine within our community.

Why Guest Blogging Is Good For You?

It is always good for SEO strategy when placing your content on a high authority site like ours. Unlike many other platforms we are generous with our backlinks and allow readers to click/follow on your URLs. Think of it as a referral site that could potentially increase your conversion rate and if you are a blogger or writer by heart, this will also increase your exposure and number of followers.

Each one of our submissions has guidelines to follow in order to maintain at a high standard. We are not a gossip or trashy news site and only deliver quality with close to non advertisement pop ups and distractions. It takes us hours of editing and co-writing so that your article brings good value for both yourself and our readers. Here are some of the tips to becoming a guest blogger or upgrading to our paid options.

The practice of guest blogging will develop:

  • Collaboration and support between websites
  • Create a sense of community
  • Improve your SEO with backlinks
  • Increase your site’s traffic organically
  • Benefit from everyone’s network

Tips for Finding a Host Blog

Before publishing

  • Target influential bloggers in your area of expertise
  • Target blogs that allow for guest blogging
  • Identify the needs of the blog audience

Requirements to post on AX Publisher

  • Offer unique and creative content
  • Offer relevant and interesting content
  • Offer a lot of quality content, min.950 words
  • Adopt a hard-hitting, easy-to-read style
  • Air your paragraphs, use chips
  • Place good titles starting with keywords for SEO
  • Use keywords in titles and the body of the article
  • Insert links to your website and social media
  • Respond  to user comments in positive manner

Another element — often forgotten — is to take into account: guest blogging is not only for those who already have a blog and would be seeking visibility for promotional purposes. It is also for those who have expertise on a specific subject, but who do not blog, and who wish however to expose their point of view to a community of readers if only to obtain feedback. The blog that invites them becomes a forum in which they will publish their editorial, just as it is already practiced widely and for a long time in the press.

More advantages of  guest blogging

  • Exhibition and notoriety

This is apparently the reason that comes first in mind: if you write on another blog, it increases your visibility and the chances that your articles will make me aware of another community, even if one knows that most blogs on the same theme have a large trunk of common readers. The notoriety effect will only be more beneficial if the blog on which you  publish has a broad audience.

  • It’s good for the resume

An induced effect seldom mentioned, and which also concerns non-bloggers discussed above: publish a well-crafted article, even some editorials on a known blog, or even several blogs, can be a reference that will make a line more rewarding in a resume.

  • It’s good for reputation

If you want to heal your digital identity, show your expertise on a topic signed by your name and engage the discussion with users on a blog can only strengthen your online presence and therefore promote your authority of competence.

  • It’s good for your SEO in search engine

If you have your blog or any other site, whether it’s an e-commerce site or poetry, you have everything to gain from posting on other blogs, as long as their authors are loyal people, you will be able to insert at the foot of your tickets a small pitch of presentation of your beautiful person with the link and the anchors which go well pointing towards your site. Imagine that you only have one ticket per month on a page rank (PR7).

  • You take a step back

We invest time, a part of ourselves and therefore a high dose of emotion in writing a personal blog. Going elsewhere can have a very positive effect: as you are not personally involved in the blog that invites you, you will be less sensitive to possible criticism posted in the comments.

  • You improve yourself

If the blog that asks you shows a specific requirement in the choice of co-editors, you will have to comply with its rules to prove you worthy of it: typo rules, layout, the requirement on the quality of writing, and other constraints that are so many imposed figures that you will undoubtedly learn a lot.

We accept contributions from a variety of businesses like interior designers, body art painters and other creative professionals. Study the requirements of our website; propose an article or a subject. Then you are getting your content published in less time.

On AX Publisher, each time your content gets published, your backlinks and social media will help generate traffic back to you. This is truly is a win-win for everyone. Please click here about submitting your blogs. Though it is free to publish your blogs, we also have upgrade and paid options for you.


Our Online Gallery Presence for Visual Artist

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For art lovers, our paintings will take you through a journey of an artistic awakening. Here at AX we aim to bring back the meaning of art in a light that resonates through a new generation of visual artists. We take delight in enlightening you with our finest display of paintings, illustration, crafts, sculptures and drawings.

Our mission is to market and promote the talent and skills of the successful artist. We don’t just create, we bring you stories of inspiration in our art helping you value its meaning.

We believe that there is an abundant supply of good yet unrecognized artistic talents who deserve to be appreciated and valued for their skills. We truly have some of the finest and innovative Australian and international artists presenting now in this new era of creativity. Our team of expert artisans will inspire you with art works that bring the finest and most luxurious feel to your walls and surroundings. 

All original works carry the best quality of workmanship and materials. Many of these creations are exclusively and are specially crafted for you, our exclusive art lovers who appreciate and value art as an investment for the soul.

Many of the artistic works have taken many hours, weeks and even months to create. We regularly update our online gallery as soon as the latest artworks are ready. Regular visits to our site will surprise and amaze you. All our art pieces are unique with a personal representation of the artist’s meaning and depth.

By clicking on each artwork, the details regarding their medium, size and the artist will be displayed helping you consider where each piece can be placed to enhance that office or home living space. Paintings are available in various sizes to suit and match your preference so be sure to check the size and dimensions of the products.

You can take advantage of our free consultation service when choosing the right masterpiece, so let us know how we can help you. Click here to view our beautiful collection of abstract,realism, impressionism, drawings and more. We also welcome art submissions worldwide to bring you a variety of everything that is the matter of the Art!

I’m an artist, blogger and founder of AX Publisher and AX Lifestyle. Enjoy a great collection of art, events and contents submitted by our industry experts.
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