The Best Looking Rugs Our Top 4 Picks For Your Home

The Best Looking Rugs Our Top 4 Picks For Your Home

best rugs

Placing the right and best looking rugs might happen to be the perfect finishing touches for your home.

If you are looking for inspiration when completing a renovation project or just considering a change,

be prepared to spend a lot of time matching your interior with your carpet or rugs.

It’s not an easy job to find the ideal matting as there are numerous styles, colors and patterns available on the market.

However, if chosen properly and carefully, it will not only make your living space cozier but help you create the best atmosphere that turns a place into a Home.

To help you in your challenging search, here are four unique types of carpeting you can use to recreate your design ideas.

And like an added Art piece, it will probably make everyone that steps into the room a little jealous of your flooring.

4. Jute Rugs

Jute Rug for Staircase As a fabric, Jute is known for centuries. It has been used since ancient times and

even became an important part of the culture and life of people in Africa and Asia (especially in regions like Bengal and Bangladesh).

Because it’s affordable in addition to multiple qualities such as – strength, length, low extensible and practical uses (ropes, matting, storage bags, even airplane panels) ,

the trade with Jute flourish from the golden days of British empire till now.

Jute is a natural fiber and comes in the form of shiny green stalks extracted from the jute plants with a special process called Retting.

There are many types of retting today, among them is the old-school retting technique that takes 20 days of soaking in water to complete.

Once turned into a rug, Jute has a bohemian look, is pet-friendly and easy to clean, and also fits in almost every home style and decor.

Carpets made of jute are usually intended for smaller rooms with the exception of bathrooms and other areas with high humidity.

Jute rugs are recommended for low traffic areas, they are just perfect for patios, hallways, staircases, etc.

Another quality of the jute rugs is that they are 100% biodegradable, which means they can be recycled completely – less harm for the environment.

3.Moroccan Rugs

Indigenous people of Morocco have woven carpets since the Paleolithic Era.

Nowadays Moroccan rugs are considered art and collectables but in the past tribal people created and used them mainly for their utility.

Because of the specific way of weaving and the tick pile, this type of rugs can and have been used also as bed coverings, sleeping mats, burial shrouds, saddle blankets and so on.

Famous for the modern and abstract look that makes them stand out from the other Persian rugs, Moroccan rugs are also unique for combining both rural and antique design.

The uncommon style with geometrical figures and patterns (some of which passed down from weaver to weaver for centuries)

makes them eye-catching and pleasant to have in the house as well as very popular among interior designers and decorators.

You can find them colored in neutrals – beige, brown, white and black, as well as in more vibrant colors like indigo, saffron, etc.

Important for the cleaning and maintenance of such matting is that all Moroccan rugs are made of pure wool. Wool is highly absorbent and requires specific cleaning methods.

However if taken care properly these Moroccan treasures can be an amazing addition to your interior for a very long time.

The oldest rug in the world is found in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, in a semi-frozen tomb, during an archaeological expedition. It’s dating from the 4th century BC and it’s approximately 2400 years old. It has a very intricate and complex design consisting of a skillful combination of geometric, floral and pictorial patterns.

2. Wool Rugs


Wool RugA single wool rug could bring an amazing feeling into a room. As well as warmth, softness and coziness.

Wool is also stain-resistant thanks to natural oils that prevent dirt from adhering to the yarn.

Besides it is probably one of the strongest types of carpet – the wool piles don’t wear or flatten over time but, instead, simply bounce back and look good as new.

All of these make wool rugs really practical for high-traffic areas.

The price is the only reason for people not to buy wool rugs more often.

Natural fibers are way more expensive than synthetic by default but synthetic cannot match neither the marvelous look nor the unique sensation of the rural material on touch.

Here there is simply no limit for design, color, patterns.

In the sea of wool rugs you will definitely find one to correspond with a modern interior as well as another – creative and colorful, to fit in a rustic or even hippie decor.

1.Persian Rugs

As you probably already have guessed, Persian rugs are at the top place when we talk about the people’s choice for exquisite floor coverings.

Persian rugs


 In 2013 a Persian rug has been sold at an auction in New York City for $33.7 million, which makes roughly $600 000 per square foot. The exquisite handwoven carpet is from the early 17th century and probably made for a noble person. Its cost when created more than 360 years ago must have been significant but the price paid at the auction a few years back is what makes this rug the most expensive one in history….For now.


It is known that weaving is one of the most ancient crafts in the world and Persian rugs are a great example of it.

We can trace their story back to 2000 BC in eastern Asia.

Since then there have been periods of flourishing and revolution, dynasties and personals that left their mark on the ways,

methods, designs and traditions in waving, there have been integration of new fabrics and materials, creation, inspiration, art and much much more.

All that history is embedded in the carpet threads.

In addition the combination of natural materials, natural dyes and hand-made technique makes every rug unique and sophisticated.

And even though weaving of Persian rugs is predominantly mechanised now,

the most popular and expensive ones are still hand woven in many parts of Iran,

reflecting the rich art and culture of ancient Persia.

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best rugs

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