The Best Villas In Thailand & Our Recommended Holiday Resorts

best villas

Everyone likes a downtime in the best villas to relax and rejuvenate, however, research shows that the majority of people have unused vacations and this can affect you physically and mentally. Taking a holiday will be good for your well being and you will feel more productive back at work.

Here are the reason why you should really take a break:

• Reduce stress – stress can help people do their work under pressure, but experts have found that 80% of workers are stressed at work and 70% of their trips to a health professional are because of conditions related to stress. Studies have shown that holidays help keep health intact and prevent burnout.

• Increases creativity – Vacations encourages creativity – changing the pace allows people to see their everyday world differently. People experience a clearer thought and develop their creativity when they leave their work environment for a long time.


best villas

• Improves moodiness – Breakdown times and high-pressure environments combat stress. When you change your mind when going on vacation, you can turn your irritated, depressed or fearful mood into a calmer and more relaxed mood.

• Strengthen relationships – Experts have discovered that time together in the form of holiday creates personal relationships and increases family ties.

If you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of rough schedules and routine chores, a vacation is exactly what the doctor would have ordered for you. The perfect change from the monotony, the holidays that almost everyone in the world is thirsty for. But even if a dream comes true in most cases, even the best vacation can often be affected by the fact that you are not in the comfort of your home. In such cases, villa resorts can help you.

The Best of Thailand

A resort villa in Thailand, if chosen with care, offers a lot of privacy, which can be perfect for families who want to spend some time together after escaping the urban rat race, which is the largest part of our daily life. Thailand Resort Villa Resort includes: Home to gorgeous beaches, sacred temples and a rich authentic culture, Phuket Island also boasts a large number of luxury villas with aesthetically pleasing designs that blow your mind away.

Villa Amarapura

best villas

best villas


The Amarapura villa is located in the upscale gated community of Cape Yamu on the east coast and is one of Phuket’s most luxurious holiday homes. This 7 bed villa combines spectacular features and retirement style relaxation; a combination that creates an unprecedented villa experience you’ll ever have. Amarapura offers you abundance of luxurious amenities. The interior has an incredible roof with high ceilings and a wooden gable with eye-catching wooden panels connected to the outside world.
If you are looking for a relaxing night, Amarapura offers one of the most peaceful areas of the island. The villa can accommodate any demanding guest, regardless of what a good night’s sleep might be. The rooms are furnished with soft, velvety beds and comfortable furniture to make you feel at home.


Ani Villas


An equipped villa with breathtaking views, generous inclusions and a complete staff. Inspired by the temples of northern Thailand, this stunning beachfront property is located on the peaceful island of Koh Yao Noi. The opulent property offers an impressive array of amenities including ten spacious bedrooms, a first class fully equipped kitchen and a superior gym. There is an in-house chef who is always prepared to cook any delectable gourmet meals or offer cooking classes, a large lawn and an outdoor pavilion for private yoga sessions. House features like fitness and wellness facilities, the tennis court, the waterslide and the educational kitchen are also exclusive to you.


Villa Aye

best villas


Villa Aye is a magnificent luxury villa located on the millionaire mile in Kamala, Phuket. Villa Aye offers breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea from its elevated position on Phuket’s prestigious millionaire mile in Kamala. The eight-bedroom villa boasts a stunning infinity pool and ample space for entertaining and is an ideal wedding villa with great views. The villa is spread over several floors and has dining rooms and lounges, a large outdoor dining room and a living room with a large screen. Villa Aye offers a beautiful and private environment for weddings and relaxing holidays with friends and family. The villa also has an elevator and is therefore suitable for people with reduced mobility.


Villa Sapna

best villas


Villa Sapna is a sublime, modern villa with an epic view of Phang Nga Bay from the infinity pool and rooftop terrace. Villa Sapna is a super modern five bedroom villa in a fantastic location in Cape Yamu, Phuket. The villa’s sublime modern architecture, the breathtaking view of Phang Nga Bay and the huge private pool are impressive. The villa has a personal chef and is just a five-minute walk from the beach. The villa offers unobstructed views of the aquamarine sea. Bay windows on both sides allow stunning views of nature from all sides. At night, the whole structure shines in glorious twilight in a warm golden color. The villa has a gourmet kitchen, plush and luxurious sofas and artistic paintings.


Large Villa Satis


Located in Natai Beach, Phang Nga, Phuket. Grand Villa Satis is a luxurious four bedroom villa with all modern facilities and services and full Western cuisine. The large open villa with 1000 square meters, overlooking a large pool and outdoor lounge, which is located on a secluded beach at the amazing turquoise white sand water of Natai. Located just steps from the garden, the Grand Villa Satis is a truly luxurious beach house. This outdoor entertainment area has a large deck with loungers and umbrellas, a child safe pool with group size, a sala by the sea and a large grassed area for playing sports and games.

So there you go these are our highly recommended best villas you should really consider when booking that vacation. Have fun and come back to your job feeling ready to take on the world again! For more information on these holiday villas and resort you can contact Khanh Tran at from Villa-finders and he will be able to help.


best villas

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