How To Style and Design A Tween Bedroom

How To Style and Design A Tween Bedroom

tween bedroom

When it comes to styling bedrooms especially for tweens, you are most likely stuck between cutesy baby pink and too cool for school black. Tween bedrooms can definitely be a challenge – and not just to keep tidy.

How exactly does a nine year old move into their teens? It’s time of transition for this age group so you must create a design that will endure an evolving young identity.

Nature vs Industrial

Adding mother nature elements could be timeless through a lifetime and it’s pretty fair to say it will span beyond pop-trends.

So opt for a botanical wonderland and build around it as time goes.

tween bedroom

Create the look 

The bohemian trends are also an endless array of furniture and decor piece, allowing for completely unique and quite often almost abstract patterns.

Similarly it aligns itself closely with nature in which there are many different sub-genres available.

From tropical, botanical, farmhouse and beach styles – you have endless creativity that adds your own uniqueness.

Start slow and work upwards

It is important to start with the classic white, brown and gray for your walls and flooring. This way you can easily upgrade the room to suit your child’s developing tastes.

You can have fun decorating your child’s room by also adding their personal preference to colors and textures.

Given the large array of themes you can implement in the bohemian style, you can still change the interior, without necessarily changing the furniture.

Also, don’t be afraid to look around the house for items you might be able to recycle, re-purpose or reuse.

The Bohemian style embraces a sustainable, minimalist’ ideal and haphazard placement of pieces, so any old natural furnishings are a gold mine in delivering a special feature and the final look.

tween bedroom

Once your theme is set, invest in commonly used items such as bedding, desktop, shelves etc.

Use good quality pieces that will last through your child’s teenage years and if you can, select multi-purpose items for a minimalist feel.

Styling is just as much about texture as it is visuals.

You want to ensure it gives a raw earthy look but also sustain a tween’s carefree spirit. Rattan furniture is intricate in design and perfectly practical for restyling with its lightweight, hardy material.

Now here is where you can get really creative!

Build on your theme with unique decor pieces that show your artistic flair. You might find the perfect piece of driftwood to re-purpose.

Hang a shell or beaded chandelier, stack textured boxes or stagger 3D visuals mounted direct onto the wall.

Color is an obvious choice to graduate or contrast, but also ensure you play with varied textures as you use different materials to create the look.

You could stagger a thatched rug against a woven one across the floor or use a combination of linen, macrame and leather cushions to show your design diversity!

It’s also a great idea to use contrasting shapes at the same time to really mix things up.

tween bedroom

Keep grounded 

Finally, remember your overall theme! Is it nature based? What’s more natural than plants!?

It’s that perfect way to round off a room in true bohemian style without risking that rainbow unicorn glitter and gloss!

If it’s tropical – then use lush tropical greens. If it’s farmhouse – think dried cotton branches, straw or sunflowers.

All in all the possibilities are endless. Always think functionality – a child’s room typically is an area to play, sleep and a place for study when they are older.

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