The Universe Gives You What You Need

The Universe gives…

I traveled the world, only to find myself back where I began 7 years ago.

It’s been 7 years since that day someone made the offhand remark, “Don’t you wish you could sell it all and move to the south of France?”

My ears perked up. I love the south of France! But half an hour later found me thinking that was a stupid idea. It would never happen.

I started thumbing through American Art Collector magazine as I remembered an American artist I had once met in the south of France. He lived in a village I had visited. Lucky guy. How was he able to do it?

I turned the page of the magazine. I may not remember names but I always remember images. Right there, right in front of me, was an article about his work. The artist’s name was Dan Adel.

Now some might smirk, say that was just a coincidence. Those are the folks who do not believe in magic. But I do believe in magic.

So I quit my job, sold up my stuff and off I went. Once in France, Dan Adel and his gorgeous wife Veronique became my friends. And I became lucky too.

It’s been 7 years since that small French village first took me in, teaching me to find strength in solitude.

I have a thing about 7 years. I believe that it constitutes a cycle.

The fact that I am about to launch The Working Artist, a work that is very much the culmination of the lessons I’ve learned these past 7 years, made this summer’s visit to France even more significant.

I’ve come full circle back to this place, this place that always holds the answers to my questions. What will it teach me this time, I wondered?

the universe gives

The Universe painting by JulieJ.Gallery

As I walked through the countryside and into the village, I passed a café and someone called my name, “Crista!”

It was Dan Adel. Wouldn’t you know it?

Dan was having lunch with a shaman who happened to be passing through.

The shaman listened as Dan and I caught up on one another’s lives.

He nodded quietly as Dan and I went into one of our long, long conversations about art.

The afternoon sun moved across the sky and settled into dusk.

I love those kinds of exchanges: art, philosophy, spirit, and meaning.

Sometimes I think I was drawn to the arts just because of the conversations.

As I stood up to say my good-byes after that very pleasant and unexpected afternoon, the shaman grabbed my arm and whispered, “You’ve learned how to be strong.

Now it’s time to open yourself to the world, be receptive, vulnerable.

Even when it hurts. If you look for it, the universe always gives you what you need.”

I nodded, a little unsure what he meant.

A few days later found me back in England, I was walking in the countryside with Companion when I not-very gracefully fell into a large bush of nettles.

I screamed in agony, my arm covered in stinging red welts.

Companion pulled the leaves of a nearby weed and began rubbing them to make a paste, which he applied to my burns. The pain floated away.

He explained, “The dock leaf takes away the nettle’s sting.

It’s easy to find because dock plants grow right next to nettle.

Nature puts the remedy next to the injury. If we look for it, the world always gives us what we need.”

And suddenly, I understood.

Who Believes in You?

All artists have dreams, wishes and goals.

It doesn’t matter whether we keep our light hidden and never share our aspirations with another soul, or we announce our plans loudly to the universe.

Either way, as artists, we all want our work to be seen, to connect with others.

We each desire respect for our talent and our ideas.

And these are big dreams.

The key to making one’s dreams come true is in believing in oneself.

Do you believe in yourself?

You see, too often artists don’t.

We work and work and work at developing our craft.

We stretch and grow and mature our vision. We strive toward our goals.

But we play small, waiting for outside validation that it’s safe to believe.

Waiting for the world to tell us that it believes first. Waiting to be told when we can take pride in our efforts.

When we’ll be allowed to wear the ARTIST badge.

But it’s not the world’s job to believe in you. It’s your job.

Believing in yourself as an artist isn’t about sold-out shows and your name in Art in America.

It’s about taking pride in the work — not in the response to the work.

Believing in yourself is about living with authenticity.

It’s about flying your Freak Flag high, letting yourself be as weird on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Owning who you are and what you believe to be true and giving others permission to do the same.

You are a human being, a craftsperson and a thinker. Always showing up and putting in the hours, weighing your success based on efforts and your work.

When you start to believe in yourself, all your dreams will come true.

Do you believe?

the universe gives

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  • Hello Crista. I am not even sure why I am making comment, but some weird thing happened, as most things are! Your email came into my inbox while I was writing one of my MindBody Wellness Programs.
    I don’t know how you got my email address.
    I began to read and discovered that you had spent time in South France.
    My husband is French, from Paris, but we live in Sydney, Australia. In 1998 we decided to take our daughter and go to France with no idea what we were going to do. We ended up in Montpellier and then bought a village house in a little village called Peret. We renovated and lived there for a year, I ran my amazing programs for mind body Fitness and Wellness and persuaded French women to exercise and not smoke. We returned to Australia and have returned every year to the village and other parts of Europe up until 2019, our last trip and when Covid took over the world and we cannot travel.
    What I am manifesting to the Universe is divine leadership in my field and my incredible knowledge, intuition and perception to guide people to be the best of themselves. I have 1 book published and I write daily and have another book which is semi biographical and semi living a balanced life through fitness and wellness. My problem is I am stuck. Do I need to follow you, talk to you? Have you arrived in my inbox due to moving from 3D to 5D world? I am finding containing all I know difficult as we are transcending times as never before in our lifetime. I am pro choice and sincerely concerned for humanity as the world is driven to take an experimental gene therapy that is being only tested on humans and some results are already horrific and I only know the tip of the iceberg but I know for a fact my deep intuition is wanting to help humanity survive. Sounds crazy or are you knowing what I mean? Anyway if any of what I am saying resonates or you have a feeling you need to respond I will be happy to hear from you in some way.
    Jill Healy-Quintard

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