USB Business Card for Brand Marketing

USB Business Card For Brand Marketing

USB busiess card

The new art print USB business card or flash drive is now a popular marketing tool for visual artists and designers everywhere.

While many creatives are working hard to build a name and reputation, visual artists have adapted their business to use these innovative gadgets.

Why should you follow that example? There are several good reasons, but first, you need to know what a USB business card is, so you can see how it could benefit you.

What is a USB business card?

It’s the electronic version of the traditional business card.

Instead of having two sides, it has a memory which you can load with your best, favourite or most successful works to show off your talent to the max.

You can also add your business information to it, as well as customize the outer design.

It’s your brand, but presented on a USB stick or flash drive.

There are few better pairings of art and technology than presenting your creativity this way.

A USB business card is a good way to distinguish yourself from hundreds of equally talented artists and designers.

These cool items are custom-made and so unique to you.

Think of the endless possibilities that this little device can offer your branding.

It will also benefit your customers in terms of functionality, convenience and style.

This new marketing tool is a gift that will leave an immediate and positive impression on potential customers.

You can choose a no-frills design that highlights only your brand and images, or go for something to show off your quirky side if you wish.

What is the importance of USB business cards to the art industry?

A USB business card makes an ideal gift for all your customers, suppliers and business networks.

It’s innovative, yet functional, a memorable way to ensure that your information is retained.

Gone are the days when businesses or salespeople would formally exchange business cards.

Now you can easily catch the eye of commercial interests and potential customers with a USB business card instead.

You can also offer your clients their company details with your design as copyright.

Your new marketing tool allows you to be you. The more creative you get, the better.

Cost-effective yet powerful brand marketing

If you have an online store or an eCommerce platform, this product could be a good way to increase sales.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, a USB business card due to its functionality is very affordable.

They cost a little more than regular business cards, but are likely to be beneficial to your business in the long term.

You can choose to sell them containing examples of your work, customize them for others, or use them as giveaway samples during exhibitions and networking events.

You could perhaps personalize them for individual clients so that they can share the work you have done for them.

A selection of USB business cards easily allows them to have a record of any pieces they have commissioned from you.

By sharing these with their clients, they are publicizing both their business and yours.

USB business cards are a long-lasting, innovative and professional way to introduce yourself and present your work to your customers.

They can pave the way for more leads and recommendations or provide a new way to reach your marketing goals.

Having custom-printed USB business cards can increase your business opportunities.

You are simply taking your business to new dimensions by going high-tech the artistic way.

How can USB business cards help you make an impact as a professional artist?

Exchanging business cards and contact details is common practice.

It is essential for many freelancers and small business owners as well as professionals in all sectors.

However, to attract attention, a card must leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

These devices are pretty much guaranteed to be an ice breaker and a great topic of discussion!

USB Business card

USB business cards work better in creative fields than regular business cards or standard company brochures, plus they are better for the environment.

Less paper means fewer trees cut down. Because it is an art piece, recipients will be less likely to chuck it in the bin if it becomes faulty.

That’s why it’s good to have your art or design description, motto or even an inspirational quote printed on the outside along with your details.

Even if the USB stick itself no longer works, your customers will still have your contact details to hand.

Consider these benefits of USB business cards for your business

As a professional artist, you ought to consider these three simple benefits that USB business cards will have for your creative business:

1. Convenience

Portfolios are a staple for every artist. You need a clear and concise way to showcase your art collections to potential buyers.

However, what happens if a buyer can’t make a decision right away?

You present them with your very stylish and user-friendly signature USB business card, of course.

They can then take that away and discuss your work with other people, maybe their business partners or perhaps potential backers.

The best way to tempt potential buyers to visit your website is because they already like your style of painting, drawing or design.

Convenience is key in this day and age. The easier you can make it for buyers to access your business, the easier it will be for them to make purchase decisions.

2. Personalization

Anything you can do to set yourself apart in the art industry is beneficial.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of these USB business cards is the ability to completely personalize the front and back of the drive.

Many artists choose to feature their latest or favourite pieces of art (in full, vivid colour) along with their contact information.

These cards are one of the most creative ways to promote yourself these days, especially as they have edge-to-edge printing and endless font options.

3. Originality

The art and design industry celebrates originality like no other.

However, many artists tend to use similar marketing strategies.

Imagine the surprise on a potential client’s face when, instead of the traditional paper business card, you hand them your beautifully printed, completely customized USB business card.

That simple action may spark immediate interest.

Therefore, it is worth more artists taking advantage of this fresh new marketing medium.

usb business cards

Why should you consider USB business cards in your marketing plans?

There are several reasons why you should consider USB business cards as part of your marketing portfolio:

  • You will stand out. USB business cards are different, giving you a memorable and unique selling point.
  • USB sticks can carry lots of information. They also offer high-end functionality such as video and document storage.
  • Flash drives are durable and long-lasting. They are easy to carry and are less likely to be damaged – a user-friendly business card.
  • Customers will have your art for inspiration – consider placing a positive quote on the back of your USB along with your contact details.
  • You now have a lightweight portfolio in your pocket or wallet – when asked about your career you can simply pull out a business card that says it all.
Where can you get USB business cards from and who makes them?

USB Memory Direct (UMD) is the premier provider of these unique and custom friendly business card drives.

The company has set up partnerships with artists to create a one-of-a-kind fusion between technology and art.

They have had several successful artist partnerships, including The Super Van and UPSO – and me.

USB business card

UMD offer a wide variety of USB flash drives and USB business cards in a range of styles and colours.

These can be customized with your logo (printed or laser engraved). UMD can pre-load your content (presentations, catalogues, videos, datasheets, etc.).

Their USB sticks have a memory capacity of up to 64GB.

If you are looking for a powerful way to boost your creative business, consider using branded or custom printed USB business cards from USB Memory Direct.

What does a USB business card look like?

These tough little USB sticks are produced using double-sided, edge-to-edge printing technology.

This means you have full creative freedom to design both sides of the drive as much as possible.

Supported by high impact plastic enclosures, these custom printed USB business cards feature slim, retractable flash drive ports.

This offers the professional, high-performance marketing experience that your artworks demand and your customers deserve.

So make your plans now. Order some wallet-size USB business cards for your next trade show, convention or exhibition.

One thing is certain, the recipient will be able to appreciate a creative part of you.

Because a USB business card stands out, it can only be good for business.

For branding and personalized USB flash drives, contact us here and we will be in touch with you.

Get your USB device and we can custom print your website.

Article contributed by Taylor Chastain, co-written and edited by Julie J. 

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