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We live in a digital world where you can get just about anything you need online from clothing to household goods to fresh produce and groceries. Even traditional service providers like doctors are going digital by providing you with online doctor’s visits through various apps. But even with technology surrounding us in every aspect of our lives, the wedding industry remains vastly offline. Yes, there are wedding blogs to give you inspiration and vendors do have websites and social media accounts. But, when it comes to actually planning your wedding, we’re an industry filled with binders, books, and dare I even say it, checks! Until now. Enter your hero to safe the day, virtual wedding planner…

Over the last year we have seen more online solutions pop up for planning your wedding. Although, nothing has been so complete as to give you a similar experience to hiring an actual wedding planner. That’s where the I Do List’s virtual wedding planner comes in. It is a first of it’s kind virtual planning firm that specializes in helping couples from across the country through a complete set of digital planning tools and access to their own virtual wedding planner. Now, let’s talk a bit more about what exactly it is and how to utilize a virtual wedding planner.

How can a virtual wedding planner help you?

Imagine you’re getting married. Imagine having 1,000 questions and needing help knowing what to do and when to do it. Now, imagine being able to call a wedding planner whenever you need to get answers to all of these questions. Imagine if this wedding planner will help you achieve the little tasks here and there to make your life easier. Imagine that this wedding planner you interact with online doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it. That’s a virtual wedding planner.

A virtual wedding planner will hold your hand and get you through the sometimes stressful process of planning your wedding. We will provide you with the tools you need to plan your wedding like a pro. He or she will have your back throughout the planning process. On top of that, your virtual wedding planner will answer questions, review contracts, and ensure tasks are handled in a timely manner. In fact, you can even vent about your soon to be mother-in-law if you want!

virtual wedding planner

Is this service right for you?

One hundred percent yes! A virtual wedding planner is great no matter your situation. And, because our virtual wedding planners are professional wedding planners with years of real world experience, they can handle just about any situation. Also, the cost is also significantly less than a traditional wedding planner meaning it’s ideal for couples on a budget and couples that want to be heavily involved in the planning process.

To best utilize a virtual wedding planner, hire one at the beginning of your planning process. This will allow both parties to begin the planning process most efficiently and it would help avoid many unnecessary problems. Have your virtual wedding planner help you allocate your budget, create a custom checklist based on your planning timeline, provide vendor suggestions, and help you achieve the small tasks that take up your precious time.

During this time many of the small details that are commonly mislooked at can be avoided and because everything is pretty much recorded and automatically stored in a file, you can get back to it any time and any where. All these convenience on your mobile phone without having to carry around bulky albums and wedding planner diaries! Imagine all the light weight and better organized tasks all prepared for you.

Additionally, because all consultations and correspondence is done through Google Hangout, Skype, phone, or email, it doesn’t matter where you live. You can still utilize the service of a virtual wedding planner to help you plan your big day. So if you have a wedding in mind, we have your planning in our hands! Leave it to the experts to help you ease the stress and chaos during this very busy times.

virtual wedding planner


To learn more about how one of our virtual wedding planner can help you, contact us at the I Do List and If you’re ready to leave the stress behind and let I Do List help you plan, click here to use your special discount code bride for 20% off our Custom + Complete package!. 

virtual wedding planner

virtual wedding planner

virtual wedding planner

virtual wedding planner

Sarah is the founder and lead consultant at The I Do List, a virtual wedding planning firm specializing in modern planning solutions for modern couples everywhere. When she's not busy helping couples from across the country plan their big day, you can find her getting crafty and hanging with her two pups Max and Oliver and pretty cool husband Rob.



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