What is Parallax Effect and The Top Parallax Websites

What is Parallax Effect? Top Parallax Websites You Need to Know

Parallax websites or scrolling has become a trend in website design that doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Web development companies prefer powering websites with parallax, providing end-users a 3D effect as they scroll up and down.

A website that has been designed well with a parallax effect cannot only captivate visitors but also drive engagement. The concept of parallax scrolling in web designing has derived from the effects in earlier video games used to create depth. Remember the games in which the background moved slower than the foreground?

What is a parallax effect?
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The parallax effect is a trend in web design and development, where the background layout (image) moves slower than the foreground (content) when users scroll through the website. It creates a 3D effect and illusion of depth in 2D web pages, which makes the websites look overwhelming, distinctive, and memorable.

A web development company uses parallax scrolling because it is creative and brings a fun element to the website. Moreover, it helps tell visitors a visual story and encourages them to stay on your website longer than usual.

If you plan to get your website designed with the parallax effect, we have compiled a list of the top websites that use the same. Scroll down for inspiration.

Hello Monday

Hello, Monday is one of the finest examples of a website powered by a parallax effect. It is a Denmark-based design agency that creates immersive digital experiences for its customers while always keeping its website one step ahead.

The website uses a parallax effect within a pared-back page layout, moving page elements slightly so that everything on the web page comes to life and energizes the design.


Myriad offers a diverse selection of upholstered modular furniture that allows customers to create comfortable meeting areas, private huddle spaces, etc.

Its website showcases infinite possibilities with the perfect use of the parallax effect. As you explore their site, you will see furniture arranged in an inspiring manner.


Spokes Eclectic Pedicab Rides provides parking and public transportation services. Pedicab is a small pedal-operated vehicle like a bike taxi. While taxi is the primary service, they also offer services for weddings, birthdays, advertising, and more.

Their website is something to watch out for if you want inspiration for a parallax scrolling site.

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is a creative studio targeting culture, luxury, editorial, and art. The company has a very interactive website designed with an animated parallax effect.

When browsing the website, you’ll see background and content showing depth using the parallax effect.

Garden Studio

Garden Studio uses the parallax effect in a very sensible and delightful manner. The diagrams load as you scroll down the website, whereas the content remains static.

Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop website is dedicated to telling people about regular water consumption. The website creators have fragmented the progress bar with equal proportions. While scrolling up or down, you will see several animated scenes powered by the parallax effect.

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Porsche Volution

The Porsche Volution website is all about cars. As the website name suggests, it exclusively focuses on the Porsche brand. The parallax effect has been efficiently used on the website to show the evolution of Porsche and its luxury car models

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The Boat

The Boat is one of the best websites using parallax scrolling. The website has six chapters telling an amazing story as you scroll down the website. The background animation adds a sense of depth and life.

Diesel Bad

Diesel Bad is an amazing parallax website that sells fragrances rather well. It is a one-page site where you can explore a series of rules. Their website is worth checking out.


Firewatch is a game available for PS 4, Windows, Linux, Mac, and Xbox One. Its website uses several moving layers to show a sense of depth.

Melanie Daveid

Melanie David is a UX designer and art director from Berlin. The website has been designed to showcase a wonderful and rich digital experience. The webpage has two parts, where one part remains stationary until users finish the content on the first part.

Jess and Russ

Jess and Russ is a website from romantic couple Russ Maschmeyer and Jessica Hische to share their love story. They have used attractive parallax scrolling throughout the website.

Alquimia WRG

Alquimia WRG is a Milan-based digital agency that designs compelling brand experiences. They have used only two colors throughout the website with a combination of usual suspects to make it eye-catchy. The webpage has been created dynamically to provide a 3D space environment.

Walking Dead

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Walking Dead by Cable TV is another excellent website for the parallax effect. The site presents a mini-drama horizontally as you scroll. They used great animations and added a creepy mood using the background music.

Make Your Money Matter

Make Your Money Matter is a brilliant example of creativity and parallax scrolling. The website dedicates to encouraging people to join a credit union. It shows the working of a credit union, how to find one and apply, and a calculator that helps users know about profits.

Space Needle

Space Needle is a famous landmark in Seattle that stands 605 feet tall. Its website has been designed with parallax scrolling and is amazing as the tower. As you scroll down the site, new images of the landmark keep appearing in a way that invites users to pay a visit.


Madwell is a New-York based design and web development company. Their website gives visitors a reason to choose them for the next website project. The company has used the parallax effect to showcase its portfolio, adding depth and visual appeal.


Peugeot is a French automotive manufacturer that has used the parallax effect to advertise its Hybrid4 technology. Their website is like a 3D comic that plays as you scroll. It also has options for auto-play and sound to play the comic in the browser.

Anton & Irene

Anton & Irene has used a warm and clean website interface, bold text, and color schemes. They make way for the content as you scroll down the site.


Beckett has enhanced and added depth to almost every aspect of the website using parallax scrolling. Despite much content, the site is eye-catchy because of the parallax magic.

Wrapping up

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These websites are a few of the best examples showing the potential of the parallax effect. We hope you liked the compilation and found it inspirational to create your parallax scrolling website. It would help if you had your website launch checklist to get a better result before you go live.

A professional, well-built website is a gateway for new opportunities and possibilities. Make sure to perform good research while choosing a web development partner for your next big project.


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