What Your Favourite Colour Say About You | Experts Reveal

What Your Favourite Colour Says About You | Experts Reveal

Colour personality experts are specialists in the field of colour science. Their research shows that your favourite colour says a lot about who you really are, your character and your outlook on life.

As well as our character, feelings and emotions can be shown by our choice of interior decor. Our fashion sense, too, is often driven by colour preference.

These are the very basic and fundamental factors of colours that make up your personality – something you may never have considered before now. Are you a vibrant red or cool blue person? Let’s find out.


It stands for extroversion. If you like this colour you want to live life to its fullest. It is likely that you are an outgoing person, somewhat belligerent, spontaneous, maybe athletic, and very quick to reveal your feelings and emotions.

As someone drawn to the colour red, you always want life to be vibrant and happy, and when it ends up the opposite, you quickly become confused and upset.

The colour personality experts’ research shows that you dislike monotony, and you are very swift to judge others. You also form opinions fast and bravely express them.

What Your Favourite Colour Say About You


If you love orange, it means you are good-natured, easygoing and social. You love to smile and make friends easily because you have a talent for small talk.

You prefer friendliness and good companionship to ‘adoration’.

Colour personality experts say this makes you a natural-born politician, and it is likely that you will always excel at any occupation which involves groups of people.


If you are easily drawn to yellow, then you tend towards self-fulfilment. The colour yellow is the shade of idealism.

It also means that you have a mind of your own and you value using it to the fullest – to your advantage. Sometimes you may feel awkward, however, you don’t easily get rattled over issues.

Studies reveal that you are very good at making and communicating plans, however, most of the time, you don’t have the energy to see them through. You are very logical and consistent in your reasoning.


The colour personality experts say that a preference for green shows you are consistent, persevering, levelheaded and respectable. You also happen to be an outspoken person with a love of freedom.

If you love green, you generally have lots of friends, probably live in a good neighborhood, and also belong to several social organizations. You like to party and you enjoy good food. You place great importance on your social standing, financial position and integrity.

What Your Favourite Colour Say About You

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Love of the colour blue reveals a colour personality that is calm, dependable and trustworthy. You value harmony and peace, and people find you very caring.

However, when facing conflict, you may find it difficult to communicate and tend to become stubborn. Being too cool can often be mistaken for aloofness so learn to set healthy boundaries.

For example;

Your lady has no control over her emotional outburst after she’s only told you 97 times to take the rubbish out.

Rather than remaining silent say you will do it but if she continues to show tantrums, you will leave the house to give her the space she needs.


It’s no surprise that liking black shows a strong-willed, determined and enigmatic personality. Research shows that you can be charming and sophisticated and will always be in vogue/style.

Colour Personality Experts Tips

Wear bright colours if you are feeling down it has the ability to lift your spirits! Too much dark or gray colours often says you are too serious.

Wearing a fun pair of socks can also reveal your hidden playful personality. Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun with wearing colours either!


Finally, the colour personality experts declare that if you like white, you prefer your surroundings simple, uncluttered, peaceful and absolutely immaculate.

Often seen as diplomatic and very optimistic about life. Others love being around you because you exude happiness. You also love details and can be totally self-sufficient.

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