Why WordPress Is Popular In Open-Source Community

Why WordPress Is Popular In Open-Source Community

Open-source community

WordPress is part of the vast open-source community out there.

‘Open-source’, the biggest phenomenon today, that has allowed the world to excel far beyond anyone can imagine.

It refers to, making the source of creating certain ideas available in public.

Once we all thought the internet was the biggest breakthrough ever, but we never imagined how limitless it could be.

Today the internet has allowed us all to benefit from all the open-source software all over the world.

This has boosted improvements and developments of technologies, knowledge, and expertise all over the world.

What is “Open-Source” Software?

An ‘open source software’ is referred to a software, whose source code is available to others to view.

Anyone can copy, share or modify these to codes as they desire. Which means the ideas used to develop an open-source software are available for anyone to learn from.

Although open-source software may also include general license agreements, they add little bindings.

The licenses rather make sure that people maintain the ‘open source’ concept.

People using such software has the right to use it in any purposes they desire. But if they modify or alter the source code and later release or share the modified software, then they must share the new source code.

Hence, open-source software allows other programmers to use the source codes into their own personal benefits.

But they must agree to make their own software ‘open source’ as well.

This also means that people have everything out in the open and available for anyone who wants to benefit from them and learn from them.

A Little About WordPress 

There is a countless number of open-source software, but it is evident that WordPress is the biggest and the best open-source software of all time.

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS software and is used to develop and maintain over 59% of all the websites with known CMS, which is literally over 30% of all the websites all over the world. 

Many claims that WordPress is one of the main reasons why website development is so advanced today.

WordPress was launched as a blogging platform back in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Their main intention was to create an advanced blogging platform using PHP and MySQL. They licensed it under the GPL. Over time this platform gained great popularity.

Later, tons of plugins and themes came to existence, which boomed its popularity. And sooner than you know it, programmers started to making WordPress a better place with major contributions.

Over the years, WordPress has developed to such an extent that it is no longer limited to just blogging.

Eventually, it has become the first choice for most website design and developers as well.

Reasons Why WordPress is Popular

Here are 7 reasons why WordPress is so popular and reliable.

1. Best CMS Software

Although WordPress started as a blogging platform, it has now become a more advanced software.

It is now a Content Management Software with huge potential of customization.

WordPress is currently one of the easiest CMS software for Developing Websites. WordPress, with its collection of plugins and themes, can help to customize websites in a whole new level.

Open-source community

The software allows customization of themes and plugins that help to improve web development.

Since this is open source, developers all over the world use this software and help each other to create advanced websites.

2. WordPress Codex

Another great aspect of WordPress is the famous “WordPress Codex“.

It is mainly documents and instruction manuals created by the main developers of the WordPress software themselves.

They regularly update this site with new topics and instructions.

This site is helpful for anyone who wants to research and learn more about WordPress and also to clear out any confusions they may have.

3.  Blogging Haven

WordPress gained a large number of bloggers as members and today, all WordPress enthusiasts maintain a high profile in blogging and promoting WordPress.

Several blogs are posted every day and almost all information about WordPress is available through blogs. 

Open-source community

The interface is set up in a way so that it is really easy for bloggers.

The classic editor lets you write and post blogs just like spreadsheet software. You input the text, correct the formats, use images where appropriate and that’s it.

Recently Gutenberg was introduced which is a block editor. Gutenberg is currently the default post editor in WordPress and has several blocks that helps to format the post in easily.

Hence, it is now easier to create more organized blogs.

On top of that, WordPress has tons of themes and plugins to help bloggers to create SEO optimized blog posts.

WordPress users regularly communicate and discuss any new ideas or queries on online social groups.

They help each other to develop and improve the use and popularity of WordPress. 

Anyone is welcome to join the WordPress open-source community with open arms. Thus, everyone in this community is always up for helping and influencing beginners.

4. Lots of Online Resources

Blogging is the strongest tool to spread knowledge and assist others to learn as well.

There are tons of dedicated WordPress bloggers. They regularly write about different topics related to WordPress.

So, for beginners, it gets relatively easy to learn about this community with little research.

Even for experts, there are several technical blogs that can help to convey solutions to complicated problems.

Besides blogging, there are online courses available all over the internet to learn WordPress.

Most beginner courses are available for free, and you can also get to hire experts to teach you in-depth.

These courses may be through documents, video training or even live online sessions.

5.  More Resources to Learn WordPress

Apart from online resources, there are other ways of learning WordPress.

Then there are face-to-face training workshops. Here, people can get personalized training to become well-informed and well-trained WordPress developers.

All you need is to be ‘eager to learn’ and a ‘crisp interest in creativity.’ That’s all you need to improve about yourself, and when you manage to achieve it,

WordPress will be a piece of cake to learn.

6. WordPress Events

The vast WordPress community has invoked such great enthusiasm and passion that WordPress enthusiasts all over the world regularly organize fantastic events.

Open-source community

Several communities regularly organize WordPress meet-ups. Here all the local WordPress enthusiasts come together, get to know each other better and share their own experiences.

These events are exciting and mark the dedication that the WordPress community holds.

WordCamp events are the largest WordPress events that are organized at different places around the world.

Therefore, people from all around the world gather to share and discuss about WordPress and their experiences.

WordPress experts present and share their thoughts and insight on various valuable topics related to WordPress while increasing their credibility in the community.

These events are signs that people from all over the world are working together to contribute to the advancement of the WordPress community.

7. WordPress Community Grows Together

As you have seen, there is so much expanding the potential for WordPress itself.

Hence, WordPress openly welcomes contributions for innovation from anyone, as long as they are legit. 

The huge level of customization features that WordPress offers has made it easier.

Anyone can implement their ideas and create new themes and plugins and make these available for others to use.

Since WordPress is under the GPL, anyone who creates or modifies a theme or plugins must make the source codes available for others to view.

Hence, any new innovations made, the whole community is benefiting from them.


As you can see, there is no limit to resources and people are always open to contributing to the expansion of WordPress and its community.

Anyone is welcome to be part of this community and each and every WordPress enthusiasts strictly ensure that they keep their work ‘open source’.

With such vast contributions, it is evident that WordPress provides the best community that contributes to the open-source community all over the world.


Open-source community

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