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Artist Cheryle Bannon is creative, spiritual and intuitive. An amazing talent from Melbourne, Australia who creates heart-centered art through a guided process of connecting to inner stories. Cheryle’s art inspires us to step into our own stories through a joyful exploratory process of art making and writing. She says “as art informs text then text informs art”.

Cheryle has taught and created art professionally for over 20 years. She has extensive experience within school and adult settings, working intensively with students from areas of trauma throughout the world. Recently she spoke at the Australian Literacy Educators Conference in Melbourne, presenting a workshop about Art and English connections inspired by her art practice and the depth of understanding created through the stories held in art and words.

Cheryle’s art is a layered feast of color and image as stories emerge through the layers of these mixed media acrylic paintings. Her works combine a variety of media combinations including collage papers, cloth, ink, pen and whatever else her intuition inspires her to include. This is about trusting the process and following intuitive guidance. There is no plan but a clear intention that informs the artistic choices within the creative process. To look at her art, you would not necessarily see any text as often the layers of media that create depth within her art.

Our personal stories through art and words connect the world around us and within us.

These art pieces are recognizable, figurative, feminine and flowing and about the idea of the image and the connections, they create. Cheryle views each art piece as a soul piece that guides and teaches us through our inner stories. Viewing her art is about the experience as she invites you to choose to slip into your heart space and connect to the feeling of art as an active participant.


artist cheryle bannon

Art by Cheryle Bannon, Melbourne

Cheryle has a natural love of the multi literacy and fascinated by the power of text and image connections. Making meaning of our world through images and words is how we story our lives. This intuitive process connects our personal stories through art and text. You are invited to slip into our heart space as learn to listen to our inner wisdom and trust intuitive guidance that connects us to our own personal stories.

Cheryle is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and uses this process created by Selena Frost and the Art Inside-Out process that she developed to create an accessible way for anyone to find the connection to art inside personal stories. Through this guided process, Cheryle provides structures to write your own story poems from within the art pieces.

Cheryle has taught Art and English to secondary school students and adults and has transformed her experience into the Art Inside-Out process. This process starts with connecting to an artwork by either creating a SoulCollage® card or creating your own art piece or connecting to another artist’s work that attracts or inspires you.


Cheryle has combined her professional art practice with her love of text to create an innovative art workshop. ‘Create a Story: Intuitive Painting Workshop’ offers an opportunity to experience this guided process within a small group that allows for one on one tuition. Participants will create their own 61 X 61 cm canvas mixed media canvas painting of their story, suspend disbelief as they step into a section of their own story as they speak, and write from the image. This playful art process is accessible to all ages and no experience is necessary. Discover new personal stories at all levels of experience; from beginners to experienced artists who want to explore a different approach.

Our lives are full of stories that shape who we are, hold messages for us, teaching us as we navigate our world through images and text. Art is a powerful way to connect with our inner stories as we listen to the many stories we hold.


artist cheryle bannon

Create a Story Workshop

‘Create a Story: Intuitive Painting Workshop’ will be held at the Artshed Moorabbin, 444 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin on Saturday 21st of October. Discover more about Cheryle Bannon artist or write to Cheryle and find her on Instagram. To create your own story, sign up fast as seats are running out so get your tickets.

See your life transform at this most powerful and intuitive focused event in Melbourne!

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