Content Writing Guidelines

Welcome to our writer’s portal where we publish your articles to a global audience.

It’s writers like you that make A/X Publisher more interesting, and in return we help you expand your following.

Our audience consist of 54% women and 46% men, and we are always committed to excellence.

We strive to help you share your ideas and thoughts while our readers enjoy topics that are interesting and easy to read.

A recent study by Microsoft showed that people’s attention is less than 8 seconds when it comes to reading. Many experts have also linked this phenomena to constant scrolling and impulsiveness.

A term now called DOOM SCROLLING which can lead to severe mental and psychological problems.

This is why we have a short text block approach with fewer pop up Ads. to minimize distraction.

Articles with a lot of information will have bullet points or numbers for readers to easily follow.

What Is Required?
  1. Right now, the minimum word count is between 550-650 words per written piece, anything less may be asked for a resubmission including fixing any grammatical errors.
  2. When it comes to the format, we prefer multiple subheadings within the content, at least 3 high quality images and links (depending on the type of membership).
  3. All contents must be informative, interesting and written in short text blocks. We do not accept celebrity gossip, political or adult contents.
  4. We allow YouTube videos with copyright permission. Quality is very important, so we encourage you to check the content as many times as possible before submitting.
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A/X Publisher Membership

We are currently promoting 3 membership options; Freebie, Casual Writer and Annual Legend.

If you only need to publish a one-off piece of content, then choose the Casual Writer and insert up to 3 links.

For more contents and featured stories, then the Annual Legend is the better option.

It allows you to insert 5 links per article and submit unlimited number of contents for a year.

There are no links allowed in the contents for Freebie accounts and you must submit a min. of 3 articles;

you may insert your website/social media only in the author profile.

For more information on our current Membership plans click here.

How To Get Started?
  1. Register with us here.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation, then activate your account and change the password.
  3. Complete your author’s profile and upload an Avatar.
  4. Like and Follow us on Facebook this is mandatory.

Once you follow these steps, write and submit so we can publish your content.

Paid Membership contents are published within 1 – 3 business days and up to 2 weeks for Freebie accounts once all 3 articles are submitted.

Remember it’s important that you also share your published articles on social media.

All this increases your content’s popularity with great benefits for you and our readers worldwide!

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